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Generic wizard.png
Alt. Titles: None
Access: Depends in your choice of spells
Difficulty: Medium to Very Hard
Supervisors: Space Wizard Federation
Duties: Magic the place up.
Guides: No external guides.

Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation, who have their own interests in NanoTrasen's resources.

Sadly, you are not able to play as a non-antagonist wizard as wizards are their own gamemode and all wizards are considered to be hostile, and valid to kill by the crew.

Being a wizard can be both the easiest and hardest task possible in the game depending in your choice of spells and number of players in the round, so be sure to read this wiki page!

You Are the Wizard, the Wizard Is You

You have been chosen by the Space Wizard Federation to infiltrate the station to complete one of several possible objectives.

During normal wizard rounds, there will be only one wizard in the game.

The wizard's goals are usually to steal something or assassinate someone on the station and escape on the shuttle, or stay alive until the end.

The wizard will win if he completes all of his objectives when the round ends and the crew will win otherwise. Also, if the wizard is killed the crew will obviously win and the round ends.

Wizards start in the wizards den, an unique location in the game which can't be accessed by anyone. There isn't really much in there, and wizards can teleport to the station by using the Teleport spell or the scroll of teleportation which has 4 uses.

Spell Book

Think of this as a syndicate uplink for wizards, with the spell points being the telecrystals. It allows you to purchase new spells, or upgrade ones you already know, reducing their cooldown or enhancing their effects.

All wizards start with one of these on their character when they spawn. The spellbook has 25 spell points, which is usually enough to get 5 spells. Anyone who picks up an unused spell book can potentially become a dangerous wizard, so buy all the spells before teleporting to the station and leave it in the wizards den when exhausted, as it's useless.

Basically this is what makes the wizard dangerous, but there's no way you are going to steal one of these from a wizard as they usually don't even bring it with them.

Scroll of teleportation

This item was already mentioned and will be mentioned again later but let's just make it clear once and for all, it's simple enough. It's a piece of paper that starts in your pocket and has 4 uses. Every wizard has this. It's basically a teleport spell with the exact same locations as the spell. If the wizard din't get the Teleport spell, it will use one of these scrolls to go to the station. And it can use the 3 remaining uses to escape in case of an emergency.

Unlike Teleport however, the wizard doesn't talk when using it. Apprentices have the same item but with only one use, which will usually be to teleport to the station from the den.

Wizard Garb

Wizards require a full set of wizard clothing to use their robed spells, which are named and explained later. Those are the wizards hat, the wizards robe and sandals. If you are missing one of these, you can't cast any robed spells.

The wizards clothing have a chance to massively protect you from projectiles, such as bullets and lasers. Do remember that it's just a CHANCE, it's not guaranteed. A laser can do 6 damage instead of 30, it will help you survive but don't rely on this armor to win every gunfight, you'll get killed.

Losing your clothes is always possible, although unlikely. It might be wise to grab an extra set of wizard clothes and put it in your backpack, just in case you lose a piece of your clothing for some reason.

Also, there are staffs in the wizards den that don't require any spell points. Don't grab these, they are basically basically useless. It only causes some brute damage when used on someone and it screams that you are a new wizard player, so just leave it in there.

Spells and other Magickes

These spells require the Wizard's clothes.

Spell Name Cooldown Description
Magic Missile - FORTI GY AMA 15 This spell spawns several little magical orbs that will stun basically anyone but the wizard on touch, it even stuns cyborgs so no one is safe! However it can only be used when a target is nearby, for every target the spell will spawn one projectile. They also track their targets so not getting hit is way harder.

The projectiles can't go through walls, windows or doors and if a target is across one of these it will wait outside. Keep in mind that these projectiles disappear after a short time if they don't stun anyone.

It's usually best used at short-mid range, as the projectiles are rather slow. It's more effective when someone is charging at you (why would they even do that?) or escaping in a hallway so the projectile will hit your target when he's about to open the airlock!

Disable Technology - NEC CANTIO 40 The wizard's EMP spell, which means that energy weapons will always lose all of their charge, turrets will always be disabled and the same with security cameras, some doors might be opened and/or shocked, computers might break, cyborgs will not be able to move temporarily and many more.

Pretty useful, as you could just teleport in the AI upload, use this spell and upload any law you want! You can manipulate Telecomms too by teleporting into the control room and using the spell, the range is decent enough to disable it. Keep in mind that the damage to the turrets and Telecomms is permanent.

Makes it extremely easy to fight cyborgs and security.

Butt-Bot's Revenge - ARSE NATH 50 The successor to the now-removed Disintegrate, this spell literally blows the ass off whichever unlucky victim is hit by it. While it sounds ridiculous, it can still crit in 2 hits and the massive blood loss caused by having one's butt removed is enough to dispatch someone in a particularly humiliating manner. As an added bonus, it also stuns and weakens the victim more effectively than Magic Missile.

The high cooldown makes it better when fighting against single targets, just use Magic Missile or Time Stop and then Butt-Bot's Revenge. Not to mention it's perfect for close combat too, and if you can't use Magic Missile don't worry! Whenever you use the spell and no one can be targeted, your points won't be wasted so you can click it until your target dies.

Blink 2 A lesser form of teleportation. The wizard has no ability to control it but you won't get far away with this. You might end up in the same room when using this or get stuck in a window or wall, maybe you will end up in a different room.

Good for when your spells need time to be recharged since this spell can be spammed to eternity because of it's 2 second cooldown, if you are patient you could try to get into other nearby rooms too, instead of using Knock/Ethereal Jaunt/Teleport.

You can treat this as an infinite get out of jail card since it will let you escape whenever you are attacked or stunned, so abuse the hell out of this.

Teleport - SCYAR NILA 60 Teleports the wizard to any location in the zlevel 1, which would be the main station. That's right, you can use the teleporter to fuck off to the asteroid and then use this spell to return to the station whenever you want!

The scroll of teleportation does the exact same thing, but it only has 4 uses and you are required to hold it in your hand so you can't use it when downed.

Mutate - BIRUZ BENNAR 40 This spell temporarily turns you into a Hulk whenever you want, with all the benefits it gives: Stun and slip immunity, breaking walls, better unarmed attack and breaking out of handcuffs in 5 seconds. Not only that, but it also gives you laser eyes which let you fire lasers at anything as long as you are using Harm intent with an empty hand.

The lasers do the same damage as the ordinary ones from laser and energy guns and they can and will kill people fast, but do keep in mind that you will become hungry if you use this. If you are TOO hungry, you won't be able to use lasers at all.

Also if you use it right, you can treat Mutate as an all-access card if you are willing to smash a lot of walls. Essentially, this can make Knock obsolete. And that's already a pretty good spell...

Ethereal Jaunt 60 After casting this spell the wizard dissolves into thin air, becoming invisible to both eye and thermal sensors, as well as being able to pass through any obstacle. This spell lasts for almost 10 seconds, so try to calculate it right. It's unique in that it can't be used properly when downed. Additionally, you can't jaunt onto turfs that have been doused in holy water.
Flesh to Stone - STAUN EI 60 If you are 2 tiles away or adjacent of your target and cast this spell, you will turn it into a stone statue and they won't be able to do anything at all. This is a fate is worse than death, since it can't be treated at all and if it gets enough damage it will break into remains! That's it, just remains. Not even the brain will be salvageable, like in Disintegrate. And all gear will be lost forever too.

The statue can't be moved, so you can't move into that tile and can be useful to block paths. The spell does wear off after a while, so you might want to destroy it before that happens.

Lightning- ZAP MUTHA'FUCKA 20 Initially casting this spell will prepare it for use; by then clicking a target, you will fire a blast of electricity at them for a more precise application of ranged damage than Fireball. Upgrading the spell's power will upgrade the lightning bolt into chain lightning that jumps to an additional target after hitting its original target; if you're willing to spend 4 spell points to fully upgrade it, it can electrocute 5 people at once!

Note that when the spell is readied, your hands will glow a bright blue and a voiced line will be played that anyone nearby will be able to hear. More importantly, Ablative Armor can and will reflect the lightning bolt back at you, so look carefully at who you're trying to zap.

Ring of Fire- E ROHA 30 Creates a ring of fire with a radius of 3 turfs around your current location. The ring lasts for 10 seconds and burns everybody caught in it, dealing damage and setting them on fire. While the spell is active, you are granted complete immunity to fire and burns.

Upgrading the spell makes the ring move together with you, turning it from a mostly defensive spell into an offensive one. The ring follows you even when you're using Ethereal Jaunt.

Time Stop- OMNIA RUINAM/ZA WARUDO 90 A powerful spell that stops time in a circular area of effect centered on you. Anyone other than yourself that is within the area of effect is immobilized and helpless as if they were asleep until it wears off. Perfect for both hasty escapes and for robusting with impunity. Upgrading the spell's power increases the radius of the time-stop effect, and makes the effect last longer as well.
Pain Mirror- KON TEAH STOV 90 Casting this spell places a charm on you that lasts for 5 seconds. Whenever you receive any damage, the charm will redirect it to all visible mobs around you, leaving you unharmed. If the damage is greater than 50, the charm will deal 50 damage instead.

Most damage types can be reflected, including brain damage and clone damage. Negative damage (healing) isn't reflected.

Casting this spell will play a church bell sound, and you will be surrounded by a purple aura for its duration. Reflecting large amounts of damage creates a visual effect emanating from you to your victims.

Forge Arcane Golem - ARCANUM VIRIUM CONGREGABO 20 Summons a fragile golem that follows you around. The golem knows all spells that you know (except for Mind Swap and this spell), and will cast them simultaneously with you - possibly at the same target. More information can be found on the spell's wiki page: Forge Arcane Golem

There are many other spells that do not require wizard robes. These spells are weaker, but are nothing to laugh at.

Spell Name Cooldown Description
Fireball - ONI SOMA 10 This spell summons a destructive fireball. It explodes on contact with a single target, blinding and deafening the individual, and anyone around him. As it is explosive, it will damage your station as well.

This spell causes massive brute and burn damage, often breaking bones. One Fireball should be enough to send your target into crit, and another will kill them for good. You can even gib them if you fire at them enough times.

But it can be dangerous for you too! If you stay in front of or one tile away from a wall/your target and use this spell you will be affected and sent into crit instantly, so try to keep your distance, 2 tiles should be enough. The range of this spell is 2x3, so it's a decent AoE spell! It has infinite range too.

Obviously, since it reveals tiles to space it's a good idea to use internals and/or a hardsuit with this.

Upgrading spell power makes the spell targetable, shooting a fireball wherever you click.

Smoke 12 Spawns a cloud of choking smoke at your location, like a smoke grenade. Each smoke cloud lasts for aproximately 25 seconds, so you can use it multiple times to have multiple clouds at the same time.
Blind - STI KALY 30 A medium range spell that blinds a single individual. Blindless acquired from this spell can be treated easily in surgery.
Forcewall - TARCOL MINTI ZHERI 10 This spell creates an unbreakable wall that lasts for 30 seconds. Like with Smoke, you can have multiple forcewalls at the same time due to short cooldown of the spell.
French Curse - F'CK Y'U D'NY 30 This spell curses a person adjacent to you with an unremoveable mime costume which also mutes them and prevents them from being able to speak.
Clown Curse - L' C'MMEDIA E F'NITA 30 This spell curses a person adjacent to you with an unremoveable clown costume, whilst also making them clumsy. Honk Honk.
Knock - AULIE OXIN FIERA 10 It instantly opens any doors within range, no matter what type. Yes, any doors. Normal airlocks, blast doors, firelocks, windoors, even these annoying cycling doors in Telecomms, Virology, Xenobiology and others!

This opens bolted doors too, and when they close on their own the door will be unbolted. This acts like an all-access ID card, or even better. Pretty flexible to use due to it's short 10 second cooldown.

Subjugate - DII ODA BAJI 30 This is a medium distance spell that makes your target stutter and not being able to move normally, like if they were drunk.

Can be treated with Ethylredoxrazine.

Curse of the Horseman - KNA FTAGHU 15 Another medium distance spell that disintegrates your target's mask and gives it an unremoveable horse mask that makes the target not being able to speak intelligible phrases!

The horse mask doesn't work for internals, but it can be removed by splashing the victim's face with sulphuric acid.

Mind Swap - GIN'YU CAPAN 60 It swaps the minds of the wizard and victim, and is usually used if the wizard is being beaten in a physical battle. Basically, both the wizard and the target go to sleep for a while and when they wake up, the victim controls the wizard's body and the wizard controls the target's body.

However you have a chance to lose spells when swapping minds, so it's a very risky spell. And since being asleep is one of the major wizard weaknesses, you could get robusted to death while the mind swapping takes place!

Also, if you didn't take the robeless spell you will only be able to cast spells that don't require the robes, since your target will have the robes. Finally, for reasons nobody can explain the spell can be nullified entirely if the intended target is wearing a tinfoil hat..

Chariot - NO F'AT C'HX n/a This spell spawns a Firebird in which the wizard can ride. Requires the keys to be held in a hand slot at all times. Firebird Trans AM is capable of flying through space (with a space suit), accelerating rapidly, and take covering fire from security items. Will explode if critically damaged. This item is specific to /vg/station.

Also remember that you can only spawn one Firebird with the spell, as it doesn't recharge. You can, however, buy more Chariot spells for more Firebirds. One Chariot spell = One Firebird.


Robeless n/a The only spell that costs 2 spell points. It's simple enough, having this spell will let you cast any robed spells without having your robes equipped.

Perfect for stealth.

Summon Guns 20 This spell is unique in that it can be used only once. It summons a random weapon at everyone's feet (including a few weapons that don't spawn normally) and turns a few of them into traitors with no telecrystals and a "Stay alive until the end" objective.

This may either cause station infighting, or direct a mob of incredibly well armed people towards you, so be cautious of using it. It's best to use it only when you know there will be trigger-happy people willing to turn on another when they have the opportunity to do so.

Summon Swords 20 This spell is summon guns but with swordsunique and activates upon purchase. It summons a random edged weapon and set of knight armor at everyone's feet and turns a few of them into "crusaders" who want to take off each others heads back the station and a "Stay alive until the end" objective. The range of what you can get in their spell can vary a lot so you could get an energy sword or a glass shard.

This will has a similar effect and outcome as summon guns but with melee based combat. This doesn't stop people from using guns so you still need to watch out for ranged weapons.

Shoe Snatch- H'NK 15 Removes the shoes off someone's feet and warps them straight into your hand. Very little practical use for it, but it's good for a laugh or for annoying the crew.

Upgrading spell power increases utility of the spell, making it summon 4 glass shards around targets who aren't wearing shoes. As stepping on broken glass without shoes stuns you and deals damage, this effectively traps the target in place until they move the shards away (or decide to endure the pain and step on the shards).

Summon Robes Self-explanatory- it summons a new set of wizard robes for you to use if you somehow end up stripped but not outright killed or incapacitated. A situational but possibly useful alternative to Robeless.

Upgrading spell power causes the spell to summon the gem encrusted hardsuit, in addition to an oxygen tank and an internals mask.

These spells are not available to purchase, but if you are lucky you can find them in Spellbook Bundles.

Spell Name Cooldown Requires Robe Description
Polymorph - P'Y W'NT A CRAC'K'R! 60 No This is a ranged spell that turns the victim into a parrot for approximately 2 minutes. Whilst in parrot form the victim the victim is invincible but they cannot interact with objects or use items. They are still able to move around and talk however. This basically makes the victim entirely useless for the duration of the parrot effect.
Summon Spares - W'ZZ GO' T'E S'RE! 15 No Summons five all-access spare IDs near your feet. Useful for getting through doors and annoying the hell out of security. Now you can give full access to everyone!
Baleful Mutation - MAHNSTUR MACH 60 Yes When cast on an adjacent target, this spell transforms the victim into a hideous monster, swapping their limbs and body parts at random with those belonging to other species.
Disintergrate - EI NATH 60 Yes Gibs your victim. Requires you to be standing next to them.


Artefacts are powerful items imbued with eldritch magics. Summoning one will count towards your maximum number of spells. It is recommended that only experienced wizards attempt to wield such artefacts.

These are not spells but tools that can be used by anyone. Extremely dangerous to a wizard should one of you pick it up. Also remember that all staffs have limited uses, but will recharge automatically over time.

Render.pngVeil Render

Will cause a tear into the fabric of reality itself and summon the dark god Nar-Sie as a simple pawn. Consider yourself fortunate it can only be used once. This item is not available in typical Wizard rounds.

The distantly related Veal Render will instead open a portal to a dimension of infinite cows, which will emerge and...well, stand around and moo.

Staff change.pngStaff of Change

Allows the wizard to randomly change anyone and anything into an alien (any type except facehugger and queen), cyborg, diona, skellington, lizardman, catbeast, slime, monkey or human. Hilarity ensues as the crew tries to make themselves human again (or lynches the unfortunates that become catbeasts) and the new brood of xenomorphs acts as one more thorn in the station's side. Using it will allow you to select what the target will be transformed into with the next shot.

File:Staff animation.pngStaff of Animation

Allows the wizard to animate any random object that can be moved around and give it the temperament of a ferocious, man-eating monstrosity. Quite hilarious to see flocks of paper swarm a Botanist and strip them of flesh, or see grilles attack people. Incidentally, this just so happens to work on the statues you can turn people into using Flesh to Stone- make use of that as you will.

The animations won't attack you, but they will attack other wizards.

File:Mental focus.pngMental focus

An staff that shoots deadly, brute damage causing energy orbs. It will shove the target until it hits something, and usually causes bleeding. It has two modes, normal which only targets a simple person and AoE which is the same thing, but with an AoE effect.

File:Mastercrafted Armor Set.pngMastercrafted Armor Set Spawns a gem-encrusted hardsuit, a gem-encrusted hardsuit helmet, purple gloves (that don't do anything) and sandals. The two hardsuit parts work exactly like the wizard robes and hat.

Since it's a hardsuit, it will slow you down a bit. Stats are melee 40, bullet 20, laser 20, bomb 35, bio, 100, rad 50.

Soulstone.pngSix Soul Stone Shards and the spell Artificer

A belt filled with 6 soul stone shards that can can be used to trap and enslave the spirits of your victims! Just use it on any dead or crit person and if it hasn't ghosted yet you will capture it! The Artificer spell has a cooldown of 60 seconds, and then when using the full soul stone shard on the shell you will be able to create a construct.

File:Scrying Orb.pngScrying Orb Universally accepted as the best wizard item. Buying this will give you xray sight and you can use the item in your hand to ghost while still alive whenever you want. Obviously, your body will be catatonic when you ghost with this but you can check ANYTHING while ghosted, eavesdrop on deadchat, and keep the newly adquired knowledge for yourself. You can re-enter your body whenever you want, too.

Perfect for checking if certain high-risk items are still on the station, or to track any people like your target. Remember that you can ghost in the wizards den and spy on the station before teleporting to it.



Potions are items which can be used once to produce some magical effect. Sometimes they have different effects depending on whether they are consumed or thrown at something.

Potion Name Price Description
Potion of healing 20 Fully heals user and cures all ailments.
Potion of transformation 15 Transmogrifies the user into one of a handful of powerful mobs for five minutes. The user cannot manually transform back during this time.
Draught of toad 15 Makes the user immune to toxins.
Potion of mana 10 Resets cooldowns on all spells.
Potion of major invisibility 10 Makes the user and all the user's belongings invisible for one minute.
Potion of stone skin 10 The user takes 25% brute and burn damage for one minute.
Potion of major speed 10 Increases the user's speed to 2x for one minute.
Phial of exanimis 10 Causes the user to become a zombie 30 seconds after death. Causes all dead mobs in view to become zombies if thrown.
Potion of truesight 10 Grants the user X-ray vision for five minutes.
Potion of major strength 5 Grants the user hulk strength for three minutes.
Potion of minor speed 5 Increases user's speed to 1.25x for five minutes.
Potion of unpredictability 4 Grants the user a random potion effect.
Bottled sword 2 Creates a sword when thrown. Consumption is not advisable.
Potion of deception 2 Looks like a potion of healing, but deals 30 damage when consumed.
Potion of levitation 2 Causes the user to levitate for ten minutes.
Bottled fireball 2 Explodes when thrown. Consumption is not advisable.
Potion of minor invisibility 2 Makes the user invisible for five minutes.
Potion of light 1 Causes the user to give off light for five minutes. Will flash everyone in view if thrown.
Potion of fullness 1 Causes the user to become well-fed.
Potion of reduced visibility 1 Makes the user slightly transparent for ten minutes.
Potion of minor paralysis 1 Paralyzes the user for six seconds.
Potion of minor strength 1 Grants the user hulk strength for ten seconds.
Potion of trueglimpse 1 Grants the user x-ray vision for ten seconds.
Potion of transposition 1 Causes the user to teleport to the bottle's location when it breaks, or if it breaks on a mob, swaps the user's position with the mob's. Consumption is not advisable.


They are acquired with a wizard item but they are so awesome they deserve their own section.

Any wizard can buy contracts of apprenticeship at the cost of one spellbook point each. It works by selecting any ghosts in the round that have the wizard role activated, then they spawn in the same tile you are with wizard robes and a scroll of teleportation that only has one use.

You can choose one of six specializations for apprentices when you use the scroll.


Magic missile and Fireball.

Bluespace Manipulation

Ethereal Jaunt and Teleport.


Robeless and Mind Swap.

Clown Magic

Clown Curse and Shoe Snatch.

Muscle Magic

Mutate and Blind.


Lightning and Disable Tech.

Apprentices will have as their objective to protect you, the wizard. They will succeed if you are alive when the round ends.

Interesting builds

As you only have 5 spell points and a lot of choices, wizard builds become a possibility.(will add more soon)


  • Magic Missile
  • Teleport
  • Butt-Bot's Revenge/Lightning
  • Blink/Ethereal Jaunt
  • Knock

Easy and efficient build, recommended for players who are new to playing wizard. This build offers acceptable offensive capabilities and several ways to escape if you somehow fuck up.


  • Magic Missile or Lightning Bolt
  • Mutate
  • Blink (optional)
  • Disable Technology or Time Stop
  • Scrying Orb

A build for more murder-happy wizards, this choice of spells will let you kill basically anyone you want if you are good and know what you are doing.

As a crewmember, whenever you see a wizard with this build or a similar one you just know that you can't defeat him unless you use desperate measures.


  • No Robes
  • Blink
  • Magic Missile
  • Butt-Bot's Revenge OR Mutate

Give yourself a normal, non-wizard name and go out there with no robes. Be subtle about killing people, change clothes and identities when needed. Butt-Bot's Revenge is for surprise killings that can put your victim into crit without putting yourself at too much risk, Mutate is for when you need to smash your way into something secure and is just at good at killing things. Both are highly useful for you.

You are likely to blend in the crew with this, and it's possible that the HoP or Captain will believe that you actually lost your PDA and ID if you show up at the HoP office to get a "job change". Unless they are smart enough to realise that your name isn't on the crew manifest, of course.

Also remember that people will shoot an hostile wizard on sight, however valid salading is less likely if you don't have any robes on.


  • Gem-Encrusted Hardsuit
  • Firebird
  • Fireball
  • Curse of the Horseman
  • Scrying Orb

A bit of a gimmick build but it's extremely efficient and fun. Get yourself some decent internals fast and go around fireballing EVERYTHING, which will expose whole areas to space.

Use Curse of the Horseman whenever possible, scrying orb helps for this. As you have xray you can see everything in your screen, so you can horsemask people across walls and they won't know where you are.

People not being able to use internals while most of the station has no atmosphere is deadly for them, but be advised: this is an obnoxious build and people are unlikely to endure this for too long so the shuttle is likely to be called 5 minutes in the round.

Just make sure you can finish your objectives before starting to depressurize every single area in the station, or if you just want to start it right away make sure that you can finish your objectives in 10-16 minutes, maybe more if people recall it a few times.

Yeah, this build is that much of a shuttle beacon.


  • Scrying Orb
  • X amount of scrolls of apprenticeship
  • OPTIONAL: X amount of single-use spellbooks

Another of these efficient gimmick builds. Buy a scrying orb and summon an apprentice, give him orders like telling him to attack everyone or go non-lethal, tell him to steal certain high-risk item or kill anyone (which might be your objectives), and tell him to go to hide in a certain area after he's finished so you can meet him later.

Then you ghost and follow him, although you can't communicate with him he will know that you are seeing him all the time. If he dies then just send another apprentice to the station and give him another set of objectives and orders.

You can give your apprentices codewords if you took the robeless specialization for them, or before ordering your apprentice to the station you can give him a codeword that will say he needs assistance, so you send another apprentice to the station to help him.

Single-use spellbooks can be used to give your apprentice some extra versatility, but it's purely optional.

Definitely an amusing way to get some of that sweet greentext.


  • Time Stop (upgrade optional)
  • Lightning (upgrade optional)
  • Flesh to Stone or Butt-Bot's Revenge
  • Knock or Ethereal Jaunt
  • Teleport or Blink

The crux of this build is Time Stop and its many possible applications. As a result, there's a fair amount of customization you can do with this build and still make it work. For example, you could use it to compensate for the short range of Flesh to Stone or Butt-Bot's Revenge by casting Time Stop first, or pop a Jaunt after stopping time to hinder your foes' ability to find you after you escape. Your imagination is the only real limit to what you can do with it.

Strengths and weaknesses

Wizards are very different to other antagonists for several reasons that will be explained in this section.

Being stunned or downed

When another antagonist gets stunned, usually by security, it's over for them most of the time. However when a wizard gets stunned it usually means nothing! The immense majority of spells can be used when stunned or downed, so whenever someone tases or stuns you by any other means you shouldn't bother much. Just magic missile the shit out of him which will stun him for a bit, then you can either escape or wait until you get up to kill him.

Like I said, stuns are only a minor issue to wizards, if an issue at all. That's why people usually go full lethal against wizards, focusing on damaging you primarly.

Falling asleep

Definitely the WORST thing that can happen to you. When you fall asleep by either entering critical state or being slept with N20/Chloral Hydrate/Sleep Toxin you can't cast any spells, and if you don't have any apprentices or constructs to help you it's over for you! It might be a good idea to always have internals ready to use, just in case you spot some validhunter dragging around a N2O canister.

Syringe Guns

Getting shot with a Syringe Gun is a possibility too, as the syringes usually have Chloral Hydrate in them but Lexorin and Unstable Mutagen can be used as well, and these WILL kill you.

Chemists, Scientists and the CMO are most commonly seen with this. Remember that Scientists and the RD have access to rapid syringe guns which can hold 4 syringes, so Science should be one of the first departments to raid at roundstart just in case they can't make any of these.

And if it wasn't enough, Disable Technology doesn't work for syringe guns.

Suicide Bombers

Failure to end the round with this method will likely result in a ban for destroying the station. You have been warned.

Probably the most desperate way to deal with a wizard but it's dangerous for the wizard and works just fine.

Careful whenever you see someone dragging a fueltank around, this isn't seen very frequently but it can happen. Scientists can suicide bomb with tank transfer valves too, these are much more powerful so I'll repeat, BE CAREFUL WITH SCIENTISTS.


The most common way for a wizard to die. Anyone using energy weapons will have it relatively easy to hit you, it's basically spray and pray. It does take a few lasers to kill you, that's why good wizards go to medbay storage and grab all the burn first aid kits. Either take kelotane pills before an imminent fight or whenever you are hit get out of there and treat yourself.

Remember that your wizard robes might protect you from some of the damage that lasers cause, but I'll say this again: DO NOT RELY ON IT.


Now that the armory got 3 brand-new shotguns and a crate of lethal shells, Security started to use them to fight wizards! These will hurt you quite a bit but there's less ammo available for them so they can't use the spray and pray strategy. You can get both external and internal bleeding if you get shot by them, and if it's internal bleeding you can just forget about winning that round unless you somehow got an apprentice to perform surgery on you.

Worst thing is that disable technology doesn't work for these.

Cargo can order combat shotguns too but it's seen less likely since they need cooperation from Security and Command to open them.

Like with lasers, the wizard robes will protect you from some damage, but they aren't foolproof.


Thankfully the majority of crewmembers are mostly harmless to you, but let's analyze the few genuine threats you have.


Without doubt the most dangerous individual on the station. He starts with a laser gun that deals 40 burn damage with each shot and is mostly immune to Disable Technology, since it recharges over time. A good Captain won't hesitate to push Code Red and/or subvert the AI to label you as non-human, in an attempt to eliminate you.

If you have a Grand Theft objective, you are very likely to fight the Captain sooner or later. But apart from his laser gun he's mostly easy to fight, unless you encounter him in his own Office, where he can use the tables as a cover.

You are definitely lucky if the round doesn't start with a Captain, as it means free high-risk items including the spare ID if you teleport into the Captain's Office early on.

Trust me, you don't want to fight a station who's at Code Red with a few combat cyborgs that are programmed to kill you. So man up and kill him before he can act. Don't give that fucker time.


Even if Asimov, the AI is still dangerous and is usually the first individual that spots you. It's extremely likely that the AI will shock doors when subverted, and it's likely that it will have it's eyes on you all the time and share information about you with the rest of the crew.

However, depending on the spells you took you have several risky means to deal with it.

  • If you took Disintegrate, you can enter the AI Chamber and use the spell on the AI core, killing the AI instantly.
  • If you took Disable Technology, you can subvert the AI to help you/make it kill itself along with it's cyborgs. Just enter the AI Upload and use the spell to disable the turrets, then the AI is pretty much at your mercy. There is a chance of the AI upload console being destroyed though, it's usually the glass that breaks but it's easy to fix.
  • If you took Mutate, just smash the living shit out of the reinforced walls that protect the AI chamber, and as turrets won't affect you unless they are set on will be able to whatever you want now. Preferably card it.
  • If you took Knock, you can ignore any bolted/shocked doors.


Except for the HoS, they are quite harmless at roundstart but they get more dangerous over time, but it depends on your spells too. Basically, stop them from using lethal weaponry against you. Here's how.

  • If you took Knock, try teleporting into Warden (which is the Armory) and hope you make it into the secure area, where the weapons are. Then use the spell and every windoor will be opened, time to loot everything! If you ended up in the exterior area then don't worry much. Just Knock again, hope that no one noticed you and do the same thing as before once the spell recharges. Now Security lost all of their starting lethal weaponry!
  • If you took Disable Technology, use it whenever you see Security Staff, or even better, use it whenever you see someone who might have energy weapons.


Fuck them. You should feel paranoid about these fuckers ALL THE TIME, even if you are trying to be mostly non-lethal or "friendly". They can make syringe guns and bombs, just hope that they are not validhunters.

Like the Captain, kill them fast. Don't teleport instantly into Science at roundstart and reveal yourself by attempting to kill them though, do other more important stuff first and then go for it.


They can become quite obnoxious. If they team up with Security and Command to open weapon crates and distribute them to the crew then you are fucked UNLESS you took Disable Technology. If you took that spell, then just murder these validhunters as usual.

Cargo Bay is a PERFECT, big area for making constructs. Claim this for you and not only they won't get any additional shipments, you will be able to order anything for yourself! Just make sure you get a decent ID, of course.

Medical Staff

Not dangerous to you directly, but they can revert your damage done to the station by healing and cloning your victims. Here's when lasering your victims until they are husked becomes useful. Not only it's fast but it makes bringing them back to the round much harder, if not impossible.

Visit Medbay often to kill the mostly harmless crew that will be in there, or just do like Cargo Bay: claim this area for you!

Ragin' Mages

A gamemode exclusive original to /vg/station. Normal wizard rounds will only have one wizard in them, but in ragin' mages there are multiple wizards! Only one is at roundstart, though. And the original wizard can't know if the roundtype is ragin' mages or just wizard.

So how are new wizards created? As long as you are a ghost with the wizard role enabled you can become one.

No you fucking chucklefuck, don't go around killing or attacking other wizards while still in the wizards den for their spellbook or gear. The wizards den is a safe zone for wizards, once you leave it you are free to kill any other wizards. I wouldn't recommend doing that though, in fact, I would recommend you to cooperate with them. Unless another wizard is your target. Yes, wizards can be your target during ragin' mages.

Wizard tips, trivia and miscellaneous stuff

  • Always get Magic Missile whenever possible. It allows for easy kills and escaping, due to it tracking it's target automatically.
  • Magic Missile will target most things, even cyborgs and your apprentices.
  • Slimes aren't targeted by Magic Missile.
  • Magic Missile can only be used when a target is nearby.
  • If you somehow make it to another zlevel, Teleport can be used to return to the station instantly.
  • The scroll of teleportation functions the same as the Teleport spell, but with only 4 uses.
  • You can't return to the Wizard's Den, so be sure to take everything from there before teleporting into the station!
  • You can use Brooms from the theatre vending machine to fly around! Click the broom in your hand to mount it. The broom will allow you to zoom around and fly over tables. They can also be found in the Wizard's Den.

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