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Connects to   Research Division
Located   Southeast of the station, above xenobiology
Used By   Scientist
Access(es) Needed   Scientist, Research Director
Contains   Telepad, Telepad Control Panel
Full Map

Telescience is a recent addition to the station, since Bluespace tech is so new and all. Here, you can do what every scientist has wet dreams about: Teleporting crap in and out of specified coordinates. Anything not bolted down, from pens to people, can be teleported through this machine.

This is Where it Gets Complicated

However, telescience isn't exact: Every teleporter has to be calibrated, as they have a slight drift from the true coordinates. However, with a little Math- SIT DOWN IT ISN'T THAT BAD.

As long as you aren't being a metagaming fuckwad and are using coordinates obtained from devices in-game, such as those GPSes you have on your desk, it's a simple matter of subtraction to get what you want.

Getting Started

  1. Run up to your pretty blue computer and mash "recalibrate". Your pad will spark, that's normal.
  2. Grab a GPS, label it "TEST" or "COCK" or something and chuck it onto the pad.
  3. Set coordinates to 100, 100, 1 and hit SEND.
  4. Grab another GPS and use it. Write down the X and Y coordinates of TEST.
  5. Hit receive without changing the coordinates on the screen and put your probe back on the table.


Now it's time to figure out what your drift is. Drift is two-dimensional, meaning it only affects your X and Y coordinates, so, let's figure it out: (Xa and Ya being where your GPS ended up, and Xd and Yd being your drift)

Telescience Example Formula.png

So, if your probe ended up at (95, 106), your drift would be (-5, 6).

With that figured out, you can easily and accurately target shit.


  • Areas with valuable shit and/or high-security are jammed. This includes the Bridge and AI Core. You'll know when you target a jammed area because your telepad will buzz. In the future, research will be able to make portable jammers.
    • You can bypass jamming by inserting a bluespace crystal into the teleport pad (screwdriver it open, insert crystal, screwdriver closed). It will destroy the telecrystal after the teleport completes.
  • The telepad must be recalibrated every dozen or so teleports. You'll know when you need to do this when the pad fizzles or does something horrible like teleport in armed Syndicate agents or wizards.
  • If a teleport fails for some reason (such as if some numbskull enters invalid coordinates, or if you fail to recalibrate), there's a small chance you can teleport in shitloads of radiation, monsters, etc. For this reason, keep the doors closed when fucking with the telepad and keep a can of plasma nearby to pump in if something goes wrong.
  • The calculation becomes a bit more complex if you attempt to target coordinates obtained from the map file in DreamMaker. This is by design.

Supplementary Video

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