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Space Pod

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This page currently only applies to the /vg/station servers.


A space pod is a single-person vehicle that can fly through space, as though it were powered by a jetpack. They can be built in the Pod Bay, or one can be found in a random location in space.



To build a pod, you may need the following, uranium and plasma only required if a second space pod is being built:

  • 100~ × Metal.png metal
  • 10 × Rods.png rods
  • 25 × Glass.png glass
  • 17 × Plasmadone.png Plasma sheets
  • 1 × Uraniumdone.png Uranium sheet
  • 1 × CableCoils.png Cable Coil
  • 1 × Spacepodmainboard.png Space Pod Mainboard
  • 1 × Podcore.png Space Pod Core
  • 1 × Space pod armor.png Space Pod Armor (Civilian)
  • 1 × Wrench.png Wrench
  • 1 × Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver
  • 1 × Welder.png Welding Tool
  • 1 × Wirecutters.png Wirecutters

Space Pod Construction

Space Pod's Construction
Your space pod frames should be oriented in this fashion. This image is outdated. The airlocks at the top are replaced with "Airtight plastic flaps"
  1. Throw some glass and metal into the fabricator, queue up the four space pod frames and let it begin building.
  2. After they're all complete, align them, in four squares to form a box shape until symmetry is formed.
  3. If you did it right, it should look rather like an octagon.
  4. Wrench.png Use a wrench to secure the bolts of each frame piece down.
  5. Now, have your fabricator begin fabricating the Space Pod Armor (if it is not already in the workshop)
  6. Use a stack of 10 rods on one of the machine frames to create the pod frame.
  7. CableCoils.png Wire the pod frame.
  8. Screwdriver tool.png Adjust the wiring with a screwdriver.
  9. Spacepodmainboard.png Install the Space Pod Mainboard.
  10. Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to secure it.
  11. Podcore.png Install the Space Pod Core.
  12. Wrench.png Wrench it into place.
  13. Install a stack of metal for the pressure bulkhead.
  14. Wrench.png Wrench it to secure it.
  15. Welder.png Weld it.
  16. Space pod armor.png Pick up the Space Pod Armor, and jam it into your Space Pod.
  17. Wrench.png Wrench it.
  18. Welder.png Weld it to complete the space pod.
  19. You've now completed the first real step to getting lost in exploring the beautiful void of space.

Oh god how do I get out of here

Your pod can fly under/through the top two entrances/exits of the "Pod Bay" also known as "Airtight plastic flaps". So just go full speed out into the vast emptiness of space after your pod is finished.

Maintaining your Space Pod

Space pods are similar to mecha, in that they use energy to power the craft.

Removing the battery

  1. Eject the battery by smacking the pod with a crowbar.
  2. Insert new battery.
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