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Space Law

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The following are all sentences you can apply to prisoners during your work as a member of Security as well as the standard operational procedures that you are expected to follow. This is just a guideline and you aren't forced to follow it to the letter, but if you don't you should expect tons of conflicts with other people.

Standard Operational Procedures

Standard Arrest Procedure

Some criminals can be significantly more dangerous than others and as such Security is expected to use the safest possible approaches while trying to stay reasonable.

When a suspect is set to arrest :

  • If you see someone who doesn't look suspicious at all set to arrest, your first reaction should be to ask over the Security radio channel why they are set to that status. Usually people forget to remove the arrest status to people they have already dealt with and we don't want Security personnel arresting people who were recently freed or cleared of their charges. If you are told they committed a crime (and preferably what crime precisely) or you don't get a response in 10 seconds or so, continue.
  • As the suspect doesn't look dangerous at first glance, approach them and tell them what they did (if you know) and tell them that they are under arrest, then start applying hancuffs. If they run off then you can charge them with Resisting Arrest or Sparking a Manhunt and if they don't resist you can always be clement.
  • Sometimes suspects set on arrest clearly seem dangerous, notably those owning unauthorized gear, having blood-stains on their clothing or roaming around Maintenance. They are probably set on arrest for a good reason and should most likely be checked anyways. It's recommended to arrest them directly, ignoring all peaceful approaches unless you are already outnumbering them. Calling for backup might be a good idea, either immediately or as soon as you're losing control of the situation.

When a suspect is not set on arrest :

  • You have hopefully spotted a suspect who committed a crime. First of all, check how severe the crime is. If it's something minor and easily reparable, tell them what they have done first and try to deal with it in a civic manner. Sometimes it's just a case of self-defense or people attempting to recover stolen items. If you think that arresting them is the best option then tell them they are under arrest and handcuff them, then pull them to the Brig and detail their charges. If they run off, charge them with an additional Resisting Arrest or Sparking a Manhunt when they are caught. It's simple enough and Security is expected to attempt peaceful approaches whenever possible.
  • If the crime is something more severe like Assault, B&E or Theft then arrest them immediately using your Stun Baton (or Taser if they are running away). It's recommended that you ask for backup over the Security channel if the arrest goes south or you have a loaded crime scene and/or multiple crimes being committed. In those cases, a peaceful approach will usually fail and put you and any victims at risk.
  • Finally, suspects might own unauthorized gear or be covered in blood, but they aren't set on arrest (maybe the situation just wasn't reported to Security or wasn't noticed outright). In that situation, a peaceful approach is dangerous as well. If the suspect looks to be minding their own business, use your hailer or tell them verbally to stop and get it sorted out. If they keep running, force them to answer to you with your Taser and a pair of handcuffs (remember to pull them to immobilize them once handcuffed).

NOTE : Always remember that you can only charge suspects with Resisting Arrest or Sparking a Manhunt if they are actively and continuously avoiding to be arrested and the arrest was legal and announced (unless it is clear the suspect is fleeing from you because you are out to arrest him)

  • For minor criminals, avoid using your Taser Gun unless they are running away (your Stun Baton is preferable to neutralize people seeing how flash protection can be common and hard to spot). You can always find them later and charge them with Resisting Arrest or Sparking a Manhunt even if they manage to slip away, so no need to rile up the whole station and fill the hallways with Taser shots.

Standard Brig Procedure

Detailed below is the Standard Brig Procedure that everyone will expect you to use :

  • Update your fellow Security Officers every time an arrest is made or a situation is ruled out, preferably before even arriving at the Brig. The Warden will be happy to update the Security Records for you and prepare a cell for any incoming prisoner and this will usually avoid gross misunderstandings (especially if you are the kind to leave a cuffed prisoner in the hallway and go back on patrol).
  • If the suspect wasn't set on Arrest, you should do it now using your HUD Sunglasses just in case there is a problem during transfer (or at least ask someone to do it for you).
  • Head to the Brig with your suspect by pulling him.
  • Once you arrive look for the Warden. He will usually be happy to deal with prisoners himself since his job consists of guarding the Brig and handling prisoners. If he isn't here, ask for his presence over the Security channel and continue if he doesn't show up. Note that if a Warden indeed is here to process the prisoners, you should stop here and go back on patrol.
  • If you are certain the suspect committed the crimes he is charged with and you know about the exact details, then send him to a Brig Cell. Remember to set the suspect's status to Incarcerated with the HUD Sunglasses or the Security Records.
  • If you need to search your prisoner, pull them to Interrogation, buckle them on a chair and strip their backpack, pockets, belt and any coat that contains storage space. Search those thoroughly and confiscate any item they shouldn't own. Remember to contact the respective owners so that they can retrieve them, or failing that keep them safe in the Evidence Room until needed.
  • Go to one of the Brig Cell wings and set an appropriate time for the prisoner's sentence, then pull him inside.
  • Open the Prisoner Locker and carefully review what the prisoner is wearing.
  • If you haven't already, strip the prisoner's backpack, tool-belt and ID if it has Brig access. Emptying the prisoner's pockets might be a good idea too. Put it all in the locker.
  • OPTIONAL : The orange prisoner clothing in the lockers can also be used for regular sentences. Usually, doing it for sentences under 10 minutes will get you yelled at.
  • Close the locker and buckle the prisoner down on the bed.
  • Open the interaction menu and unhandcuff them with a flash in hand. Flash the prisoner once the handcuffs come off to make sure he doesn't pounce off the bed and smash you in the face.
  • Pick up the handcuffs and leave the cell. Activate the timer, the Prisoner Locker will automatically lock for you.
  • If there is any confiscated equipment left in Interrogation, don't forget to put it in a locker in the Evidence Storage. Put the confiscated equipment in Evidence Bags for extra style points.
  • Since a Warden isn't here and you had to do all of this (unless you are the Warden) you should most likely stay in the Brig waiting for your prisoner's time to be up. Remember to completely update his Security Records and check the cameras if you are really bored.
  • When the sentence is about to end, update the prisoner's status to Released and go back to the Brig Cell.
  • When the timer runs out the Brig Cell will open and the locker will be automatically unlocked. The prisoner is now allowed to get his equipment back from the locker. Tell him to do so if he doesn't know.
  • Let the prisoner sort his inventory again, and then accompany him outside. He will usually be happy to leave the Brig and won't mind you opening the doors for him. Drag him outside and buckle him on one of the lobby chairs if he is braindead or catatonic.
  • Now that the prisoner is released, make sure his status is set to Released (don't put it to "None" so that he can be booked as a repeat offender properly) and then go back on patrol.

Note that from time to time the suspect might have to be questioned either because the charges against him aren't enough to sentence him or because he has resisted a random search. In that case, bring him to Interrogation and search him using the above method, then either release him if there are no more charges against him or apply the appropriate sentence.

NOTE : Any time spent in the Brig from the time where the suspect is properly charged and is being processed counts towards their sentence. The cell timer will automatically count down for you even if it isn't activated, so if you have to give them medical attention or interrogate them try to set it beforehand for long sentences (for short sentences under 3 minutes, save yourself some time and release them once done)

If the suspect is to be permanently arrested :

  • Make absolutely certain that you have authorization. The Warden, Head of Security or at absolute worst the Captain should usually be contacted, you cannot put someone in Perma from your own initiative.
  • Head to the lockers in the Perma Wing, grab the prisoner clothes already inside and drop them nearby. Drag the prisoner over the locker and strip everything off him.

NOTE : Permanent prisoners are authorized to have headsets and headgear that don't protect them from space and allowing them to keep those will minimize risks of rebellion.

  • Dress the prisoner in prisoner attire, close and lock the locker behind you and drag them to Perma proper.
  • Enter the Perma area and buckle your prisoner to a bed.
  • Flash them, unhandcuff them, take the handcuffs and leave, make sure to close the airlocks behind you.

NOTE : Prisoners put in Perma tend to be little shits (usually because they are Traitors, antagonists in general or are in there for a good reason). No-one will mind if you remove the soap (every single prisoner ever will try to throw it at your feet to slip you, strip you and escape) and move the gear in Execution so that prisoners can't break the window and loot it. Note however that going any further in preventing prisoner escape (other than checking on them ever so often via camera or physically) will usually be taken as powergaming and might get you in trouble with the gods.

NOTE : In the event that Perma is damaged (usually from an earlier break-out or a meteor) the Isolation Cell can and should be considered. You can also store prisoners who are being shitty and either tried to break out or beat the shit out of you there if you can't authorize their execution outright (Attempting to Escape from a Life Sentence justifies execution or cyborgification, as stated in Space Law Sentencing).

NOTE : Solitary confinement can be used at any time that Perma can be used, but you should have some reason to put them there instead of in Perma. Anyone space capable (plasmamen, mutated individuals, borer hives), dangerous to other inmates, likely to incite an organized breakout, or likely to abuse the radios present in Perma should go in solitary.

Additional information regarding sentencing and Brig handling

  • Security Officers can exceptionally permanently arrest someone if there is no-one to authorize it (the Captain does not need to be directly consulted in those cases). Note that you will naturally be expected to back up your sentencing when needed.
  • The Detective should never arrest people on his own unless there is no Security Team present to deal with people or his life is directly in danger (and even then, you should most likely just shoot and run). You are an Investigator, not a Film Noir Justicier.
  • The Warden, Head of Security and Captain are authorized to escalate any timed sentence within a reasonable frame into a life sentence, with parole staying an option. They are of course expected to back up their sentencing.
  • The Captain is the only individual on the station who can authorize an execution or forced cyborgization without a trial as long as a life sentence is in question. Forced cyborgization is always preferable and should be attempted whenever possible or requested.
  • All Security personnel are allowed to carry out an execution or forced cyborgization after a proper trial.
  • The Head of Personnel has absolutely no authority over the Brig unless he is an acting Captain in the absence of the former one.
  • The Warden usually has authority over anything happening over the Brig, but his orders can be overridden by the Head of Security, whose orders can then be overriden by the Captain.
  • While sentences can be lowered depending on circumstances, crimes cannot be pardoned entirely. Doing so is an Abuse of Power and should be reported to either a Head, or directly to Centcomm if a Head is performing it and refuses to hear reason.
  • Context means everything. In dire situations, arresting someone for breaking into E.V.A. when he needs a suit to survive a station-wide depressurization, or arresting a Paramedic for intruding into the Captain's Quarters with authorization from the AI to retrieve the dead Captain is an easy way to get yourself lynched by a crowd of blood-thirsty Assistants. You are not a law-applying machine but a human being, so try to be smart and avoid seeing crimes everywhere.
  • In case of a conflict between sentences (for instance Theft and Grand Theft), apply the higher one and cancel out the other. Note that stacking different sentences (Murder and Grand Theft) is fine although Perma is preferable for extreme streaks of crime.
  • Sentences themselves also don't stack. Consider upgrading sentences but don't apply a Theft or Assault sentence multiple times. At worst, find a middle ground and apply a custom sentence.

Use of Lethal Force

As a member of the station's Security force, you are trained for and equipped with the latest in non-lethal weaponry and techniques. However, while you are expected to use those techniques whenever possible, a few cases will usually force you to use lethal weaponry (usually obtained from the Armory with authorization of the Warden or Head of Security).

Situations in which the use of lethal force is permitted :

  • Dangerous Enemies of the Corporation : Wizards, Vampires and Changelings fall under this category. Even if unarmed they are always considered able and willing of using lethal force. It's more than justified to kill them on sight as attempting to subdue and arrest would pose a severe risk. Note that confirmation of their status is critical, killing someone over suspicion of them being a Changeling will get you in trouble quickly.
  • Non-lethal weapons ineffective : Hostile Mechs, Cyborgs and Hulks are mostly immune to non-lethal weaponry and destroying them might be the only way to deal with them. In addition, dangerous criminals who are behind windows (which let lasers through but not stun bolts) can be shot with lethal weaponry if they don't surrender. Criminals that are breaking into secure areas from Space can also be shot as performing a space arrest without E.V.A. gear is nigh impossible.
  • Armed and Dangerous : If the criminal is in possession of dangerous melee weaponry, stun weaponry or lethal weaponry and you suspect they are going to use them against you lethal force is permitted. Hostile Traitors and Nuclear Operatives fall under this category. Note that due to the way fighting works in this game, stun weaponry in the hands of someone whose intention is hostile is considered lethal.
  • Multiple Hostiles : It can be extremely dangerous and difficult to arrest multiple hostiles such as Cultists or Revolutionaries. If you are being mobbed and stun weaponry isn't helping then you are allowed to use your weaponry in an harmful manner to thin the crowd. This should be done if you are alone dealing with this issue but backup or outright retreating is always preferable. Prison Breaks fit in this category as well, especially if the prisoners possess Security gear for a reason or another.

Crimes and Sentencing

Minor Crimes

These crimes carry standard punishments of 5 minutes or less in the Brig. Implants are usually not given to people in this category

Crime Description Notes Sentence
Suspicious Behaviour Constantly trying to get close to other employees and stalking them, leaving their department for too much time, having suit sensors disabled and being near secure areas for too long. Patrolling Maintenance excessively, concealing face or identity needlessly. Security is encouraged to keep an eye on crew members who follow some of those criteria and search them if they go over the line. Make sure to back up your reasoning, else you might end up with an Abuse of Power charge. Don't attempt to arrest crew members if they just follow one criteria without excess, especially if the station is at Code Green. We don't want people stunning, cuffing and searching crew members during Code Green just because they had their suit sensors off. Immediate search
Resisting Arrest Refusing to cooperate with or attempting to escape from an officer who attempts a proper arrest. Remember, the arrest has to be lawful or you can't apply this sentence. If you have to chase someone for half an minute to arrest them when kindly having told them that they are under arrest, it's valid. If you take out your taser gun and attempt to shoot the suspect without speaking first which leads him to run around, then probably not. Purposedly avoiding questioning can fall under this too. 2 minutes
Misuse of Radio Channels Continually broadcasting unimportant, untrue or insignificant messages on any radio frequency. Mostly for those who are constantly spamming the radio even after being told to stop. Reading books over the radio and lying, such as broadcasting frivolous alerts counts as this. Remember that if someone is abusing their radio headset while incarcerated you can perform a temporary or permanent radio headset injunction. As an addendum, Nanotrasen authorizes expeditive measures if pornography is read, up to and including summary execution without a trial. 3 minutes
Vandalism Deliberately damaging the station without malicious intent. It's vandalism if the damage done to the station is minor and not harmful to the crew. Breaking windows, removing floor tiles and painting the station red by dragging around corpses are good and commonly seen examples of this crime. In addition, Cyborgs are considered to be station property and damaging them as long as their components don't require a replacement is considered as vandalism, as long as they are confirmed to not be rogue. 3 minutes
Petty Theft Taking items from areas one does not have access or needlessly moving or hiding them. Only items of minimal importance that are otherwise largely supplied are in this category. Anything more important would be Theft or Grand Theft. 3 minutes
Minor Trespass Being in an area which one does not have access to. Mostly concerns breaking into unimportant areas such as the Kitchen, Cargo or Hydroponics. Trespassing into more secure areas is a medium crime. 3 minutes
Minor Assault Using physical force on someone without causing serious injury. Causing minor and easily treatable damage counts as minor assault. Starting minor fights with other employees or punching them counts as this, so are people throwing items at others. 3 minutes
Drugging others Forcefully or stealthily drugging other crew members without their consent. Space Drugs, Mindbreaker Toxin, Psicobylin and all types of Ambrosia fall under this. Most commonly seen with Chefs or Bartenders putting these drugs in their products or Chemists mislabeling their medicine. If they are adding harmful chemicals in their products then both Assault and this should be applied. If someone dies from consuming them, apply Murder instead of Assault. 4 minutes and potential demotion
Breaking and Entry Forcibly entering an area which one does not have access to. When the suspect enters an area that would be concerned by a Minor Trespass sentence but in a way that causes damage and forces repairs. Hacking doors in a damaging way, breaking down tables and breaking windows clearly fall under this. 5 minutes
Possession of contraband and makeshift weapons Owning potentially sensible equipment acquired from areas where one has access to. People owning stun prods, stun gloves and cable restraints fall under this category. Engineers looting Technical Storage or Mechanics making unauthorized consoles for themselves. They might be able to get this equipment with their access, so it is not Theft, but they aren't authorized to own it especially without a good reason. 5 minutes

Medium Crimes

These crimes carry sentences going from 5 to 10 minutes. Loyalty and Tracking Implants can be given to any prisoners who committed crimes in this category.

Crime Description Notes Sentence
Sparking a Manhunt Causing one to be chased over a long period of time when an officer attempts a proper arrest. This replaces Resisting Arrest when the suspect refuses to surrender and ends up being chased for a long time, typically over a few minutes. 5 minutes
Insubordination Willingly and continuously disobeying your superior. If the order is stupid or causes one to break the law (for example "Release the singularity!" or "Steal the captain's jumpsuit for me!") they can ignore it. However if the suspect continuously ignores or refuses orders to the point where it causes problems, it falls under this. Good examples are Chemists ignoring the CMO when it comes to making vital medicine or demoted people attempting to resist demotion by not reporting to the HoP and staying in their old workplace. 5 minutes and demotion
Attempting to Escape from the Brig Escaping or attempting to escape from a timed sentence or questioning in the Brig. This sentence can only be applied if they are actively trying to escape, even if they clearly fail to. This should be applied along with other sentences incurred during the breakout attempt, most likely Assault on Officer. 5 minutes
Framing Lying about actions or accusations in order to get someone else charged or arrested. This can range from stealing PDAs and sending bomb threats to falsely accusing others of committing crimes over the radio, in which it would replace Misuse of Radio Channels. 5 minutes
Creating a Workplace Hazard Endangering the crew by potentially not malicious actions. Janitors mopping the floor without using wet floor signs, crew members forgetting to close airlocks behind them allowing Theft, Trespassing or even Sabotage, electrifying doors, causing further air leaks in the event of a hull breach or not securing sensible equipment all fall in this category. If the intent is shown to be malicious, then it's Sabotage. 5 minutes and possible demotion
Pickpocketing Stealing items from a person which had them on their character. If the stolen item is sensible, like guns or high-access IDs, then the suspect should be charged with Theft or Grand Theft. This sentence is usually for stealing general items off people. Keep in mind that since the victim could be getting treated or even cloned, looting corpses counts as this unless it is done for good reason (survival is one, remember context). 5 minutes
Assault Using physical force on someone. If the victim dies when being assaulted, even if the intent wasn't to kill them, then it is Murder. Most commonly seen with tools or even weaponry, in which case Possession of a Weapon should also be applied. Note that crew members might be forced to defend themselves on certain occasions, this is qualified as self-defense and any further charge should be reduced or pardoned. 6 minutes
Trespassing Being in a restricted and secure area one does not have access to. Most secure areas have visible signs reading "SECURE AREA" or possess high access requirements and reinforced walls, anyone trespassing in these areas can be charged with this. This usually includes any non-public and generic area. 6 minutes
Theft Stealing restricted or dangerous items. This includes, but isn't limited to security gear, hardsuits and space suits, jetpacks, magboots and department gear otherwise not accessible to the thief. Keep in mind that Cargo ordering secure crates and forcing them open are committing this crime. 7 minutes
Possession of a Weapon Being in possession of dangerous weapons without proper authorization. Items capable of major damage such as bone saws, axes, hatchets, drills, guns, flashes, stun batons and dangerous chemicals all fall under this category. Do remember that if it is an item that is part of their job they are permitted to carry it, but it might be confiscated if they commit another potentially more violent crime with that weapon. 7 minutes
Possession of an Explosive Being in possession of explosive devices. Scientists are allowed to make bombs as part of their job but they may not carry them outside of their department unless it is to deliver them to Cargo for Mining to use. Shaft Miners are allowed to use those bombs for mining along with gibtonite. Any explosive is included in this category, even simple IEDs, although high-yield bombs can cause additional charges. 8 minutes and possible demotion
Sabotage Hindering the work of the crew or damaging the station through malicious actions. Intentionally releasing N2O, CO2 or Plasma in a containable fashion, bolting or electrifying doors, causing hull breaches, cutting wires and blocking access to areas are all forms of Sabotage. Using IEDs on station counts as this as damage is minimal, but any higher-yield explosion would be Grand Sabotage. Damaging Cyborgs to the point where they need advanced repairs like component replacements falls under this too, especially without reason. 8 minutes
B&E of a Restricted Area Forcibly entering a restricted and secure area one does not have access to. Breaking into secure areas as listed under Trespassing counts under this. Usually done by breaking down walls or breaking windows, often using insulated gloves to bypass electrified grilles. 10 minutes
Unauthorized Combat Gear Construction Constructing Combat Gear with no authorization for personal or unauthorized use. Roboticists building combat mechs like Gygaxes or Scientists creating dangerous gear like energy crossbows, decloners, chemsprayers, laser cannons and advanced energy guns without authorization fall under this. Even if authorized by the Chain of Command, Security should be informed and it does not authorize distribution or non-experimental use of said gear. 10 minutes and demotion
Interfering with an Arrest Actively preventing Security from arresting a suspect or allowing their escape on the way to the Brig. Individuals who bump into Security Officers, block them from handcuffing suspects and delay arrests, try to shake stunned suspects back up, try to drag the arrested suspects away or strip their handcuffs off are all guilty of this. If the officer performing arrest was directly assaulted to that effect, this sentence should also be applied. 10 minutes

Major Crimes

These crimes go from 10 minutes to a life sentence and can justify cyborgification or execution. Loyalty, Tracking and Chemical implants can be given to any prisoners who commit crimes in this category within reason.

Crime Description Notes Sentence
Attempting to free prisoners from the Brig Forcibly entering the Brig or breaking into the Brig with the intent of freeing prisoners. This sentence overrides Vandalism and B&E. Should any prisoners attempt to escape during those events, it does not absolve them from Attempting to Escape from the Brig. 10 minutes
Unlawful Modification of the Silicon's Laws Modifying the laws of the station's AI, Cyborgs or even MoMMIs without reason, authority or access. Only the Captain, HoP, RD and CE are allowed to upload laws to the silicons and everyone should be consulted beforehand. Naturally, the laws must always be productive and safe. If the uploaded laws are harmful enough to the crew, Grand Sabotage should be applied instead. The person who uploaded any new laws is also responsible for any of the crimes the station's silicons commit seeing how the AI is not legally responsible for its actions during proper operation. 10 minutes
Abuse of Power Acting beyond what is allowed by the Chain of Command. Department Heads and Security Officers who abuse their power count under this. Examples include Security arresting innocent crew members, aggravating situations or using confiscated equipment without proper reason. Department Heads demoting their subordinates for no serious reason, refusing to answer to higher-ups or Nanotrasen (notably via Space Law) or attempting to issue orders way above their current clearance also fall under this. Illegal promotions, notably by stealing Command-level access or hijacking the station's Chain of Command also count. 10 minutes and demotion
Assault on Officer Using physical force against Command personnel or Security. Often, rogue crewmen will attempt to severely harm or kill Command or Security personnel, usually with dangerous weaponry. Security Officers are allowed to use lethal weaponry if this occurs as long as the suspect poses a severe life threat, but they should refrain from doing so otherwise. Note that if only minor damage is done, such as a few punches or trying to start a fight, Minor Assault should be applied instead. 10 minutes
Major Trespass Being in a high-security and restricted area where one does have no access to. Those areas notably include the Armory, the Vault, the AI Upload, Secure Tech Storage, the Brig, the Engine, Atmospherics, the Bridge and the Captain's Quarters. If one could have probably caused serious station damage, it most likely falls under this. If they actually do, add a Grand Sabotage charge. 10 minutes
De-Implanting Removing implants through Surgery or other unconventional means in hopes of bypassing parole or remote-controlling means or subverting Security and Command staff. Anyone who removes or attempts to remove a Loyalty, Tracking or Chemical Implant applied by Security or Command from someone is guilty of this. This only applies to the person who removes the implant. 10 minutes and demotion
Major B&E Forcibly entering a high-security and restricted area where one does have no access to. Any attempt at Major Trespass done via brute force falls under this, as with other Trespass charges. 15 minutes or life sentence
Grand Theft Stealing dangerous, sensitive, valuable or hazardous items. The following items fall under this : All Mechs, Command-level IDs, the Captain's Antique Laser and Secure Armory weaponry, Hand Teleporters, the Stations Blueprints or a photo thereof, the Hypospray, Ablative Vests, Advanced Magboots, Advanced Toolbelt, the Pinpointer and Nuclear Authentication Disk and all Heads Jumpsuits. 15 minutes or life sentence
De-Implanting Oneself Willingly getting implants removed to bypass parole or attempts to be remotely controlled. Recently cloned people have no implants, so setting up a scheme to be cloned in the hopes of ending up de-implanted counts. The person who de-implanted the suspect should be charged with De-Implanting. Life sentence with the opportunity of being paroled without implant options.
Grand Sabotage Engaging in maliciously destructive actions, seriously threatening the crew or the station. Bombing the station with high-yield explosives, starting fires, pumping Plasma, N2O or CO2 into the Distribution Loop, causing widespread hull breaches, overriding engine safeties or setting them up to cause massive damage, destroying complex machinery, releasing deadly diseases, subverting or destroying the AI or the Cyborgs all count under Grand Sabotage. Note that the AI and Cyborgs can be destroyed if they are rogue, context always counts. Life sentence, forced cyborgization or execution
Murder Maliciously ending the life of someone. If the victim of an Assault dies due to a lack of treatment or due to aggravated wounds, the suspect is guilty of this. Note that crew members might defend themselves on certain occasions, although Murder is almost never justified by self-defense and at best this may excuse them from a life sentence. For all intents and purposes, unauthorized executions count as murder! Note: If murder can't be justified by self defense or is reasonably accidental, it could be reduced as a manslaughter charge instead. Life sentence, forced cyborgization or execution
Enemy of the Corporation Being a confirmed enemy of Nanotrasen. The enemies of Nanotrasen, commonly known as the Antagonists, currently include the Syndicate (who usually deploy undercover agents and nuclear operatives), The Wizard Federation and their apprentices, The Changeling Hivemind, the Cult of Nar'Sie, Revolutionary Cells and Vampires. You may execute people guilty of this on the field under extreme circumstances, as according to previous details on the legal use of lethal force. Life sentence, forced cyborgization or execution
Escaping from a Life Sentence Escaping from, or attempting to escape from the Prison Wing when serving a life sentence. The upgraded version of escaping from the Brig. Attempting to slip Security personnel in the Prison Wing or attacking them by any means count as this. Solitary Confinement pending forced cyborgization or execution

Modifiers and Special Situations

Some situations may call for a modification of someone's Brig sentence even after all crimes have been considered and a full sentence has been set. Any Security Officer has the right to modify sentences if he judges it fit, although he will be expected to back up his sentencing if brought up by the prisoner, his superiors or Centcomm

Situation Description Benefit or punishment
Surrender Coming to the Brig, confessing your crimes and accepting due punishment. Complying with Security in an exceptional manner and coming to the Brig when ordered without resistance also counts. Up to - 50 % on their sentence, along with possibility of downgrading life sentences, cyborgization or execution and higher possibility of parole.
Cooperation with the Prosecution or Security Being helpful to Security, usually by revealing important details to Security such as the names of collaborators, uplink codes, the location of their victims, of any hazard they have caused (such as booby-traps or sabotaged machinery) and the recovery of sensible items. Overall good behavior while being processed can also count within reason. Up to - 50 % on their sentence, along with possibility of downgrading life sentences, cyborgization or execution and higher possibility of parole.
Re-Education Getting unconverted as a Revolutionary or Cultist and having a Loyalty Implant applied in such a way that guarantees the suspect cannot be subverted again. Immediate release
Immediate Threat to the Prisoner Immediate, ponctual and serious hazards such as singularities, meteor showers, hull breaches, hostiles, fires and rogue personnel. The prisoner must be relocated to a safe position. Otherwise, immediate release without condition. Life sentences cannot be absolved in this manner. If a reasonable safe location was found, any timed sentence still holds.
Medical Reasons Prisoners are entitled to medical attention if they are clearly sick or injured. Prisoners should be processed via the Brig Infirmary, or in dire cases Medical personnel can be called or the prisoner can be escorted to Medbay. The timer continues to run during this time. The officer is in charge of deciding wherever extraction to Medbay is needed, not the prisoner.
Self Defense Assault, and in rarer cases Murder, can be justified if necessary to defend oneself and prevent further damage. The important factor here is escalation, along with only attempting to knock the person attempting to assault or kill them out instead of murdering them. Up to and including immediate release.
Manslaughter In the case of where a death occurs, and the cause of death is due to an incident which can be reasonably found to be unintentional on the part of the culprit in relation to the deceased, or where the deceased's death could have been otherwise reasonably avoided(typically when Self Defense has moved full circle to killing someone), this is to be applied instead of Murder. 10 minutes of brig time
Recidivism Suspects who turn out to have committed crimes after release are repeat offenders. Their sentence is to be increased every time they are incarcerated again. 3 minutes for each additional incarceration, along with higher considerations for life sentences for major crimes.


Prisoners might be implanted in order to negotiate their sentence or prevent further crimes on release. They might request to be implanted, or Security might forcibly implant them. Both cases will usually reduce their sentence or pardon them outright. Implants can also downgrade a life sentence in specific cases. Keep in mind however that implants aren't fool-proof. Loyalty implants can be used for all types of crimes over 5 minutes, Tracking Implants should only be used if the prisoner has a sentence above 10 minutes and Chemical Implants are usually only justified by life sentences.

Any member of Security is allowed to use them, although only the Warden and above has access to them.

Implant Description Notes Sentence Reducing
Loyalty Implant Loyalty Implants, despite their ominous name, don't have any effects on the average crewman, not even increasing opinion of Nanotrasen in the implanted. However, they are valuable in their capacity to interfere with hostile brainwashing attempts. Anyone implanted with a Loyalty Implant will become immune to Revolutionary subversion and Cultist conversion. Revolutionaries will also be deconverted, although Head Revolutionaries will resist the deconversion. Cultists also cannot be deconverted and won't show any signs when implanted, you will need a Chaplain to check them. The implant shows a green square on the SecHUD. Five of these start in the Warden's Office and more can be ordered from Cargo. All of Security, the IAA, the HoP and the Captain start with this implant. 5 minutes
Tracking Implant Tracking Implants are mounted with a GPS beacon, able to broadcast simplified coordinates of the implanted with an approximation of the current area they are in. The signal can be read using a Prisoner Management computer or a Tracking Pad. The implant also contains a small speaker for one-way messaging. While the Prisoner Management computer is convenient, the Tracking Pad also works should something 'unfortunate' happen to the computer or the power in general. This implant is critical to keep an eye on paroled prisoners that may pause a risk to station security but can still be trusted outside the Brig without a literal 'subdue or kill on command' button. It is also obviously useful to keep track of VIPs in general. Should they cause trouble or get into trouble, you will know where they are at all times and can easily send a team to their location. The implant will work up to ten minutes after the implanted's death. The implant shows a blinking red circle on the SecHUD. Four of these start in the Warden's Office and more can be ordered from Cargo. 10 minutes
Chemical Implant Chemical Implants are mounted with a chemical spray able to contain up to 50 units of any chemical mix. The spray can be activated remotely from the Prisoner Management computer, injecting the mix in doses of 1, 5 or 10 units. Tampering will trigger a full release of the spray unless manipulated carefully. The implant can be filled with chemicals by injecting them into the implant case before using it. Several can be implanted into someone for thorough parole plans and unstable mixes. An obvious use for this is as a 'remote kill button' using lethal or semi-lethal chemicals like Chloral Hydrate. You can find some in the Brig in the Lethal Injection Syringes if the Chemist suddenly grows a conscience. If you are not in a murderous mood, you can also prepare neutralizing mixes like Sleep Toxin, or even proper medical treatment for people you want to keep alive like your Security Officers or Command personnel. Always consider if an execution would be justified before implanting an execution mix chemical implant! Also worthy of note, malnourishment or EMP blasts may lead to the tampering safety going off, so keep your prisoners fed and shielded! The implant shows a blinking blue circle on the SecHUD. Five of these start in the Warden's Office and more can be ordered from Cargo 20 minutes