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This page is dedicated to clarifying the minor differences between the playable races on /vg/station. It can be edited and updated by anyone.

This page will NOT cover specifics such as lore, roleplaying suggestions, etc. It will only cover statistical differences with strengths and weaknesses.



Only available through the genetic ability 'dissolve'

ACK ACK ACK. Your worst nightmares brought to life, made even more scary by their terrible bone-related jokes. Expect dozens of "boner" puns.


  • No blood, skin, or organs.
  • You do not need to breathe, but you will take pressure damage. Don't go out into depressurized areas without EVA.
  • When naked, clicking yourself with help intent will rattle your bones.
  • Can communicate privately with other skeletons with :z.
  • 1.5x faster movement speed than humans


  • 25% chance to say 'ACK ACK!' at the end of their sentences.
  • Bones more likely to be broken.
  • Takes double brute damage.
  • More likely to spook coworkers to death.
  • Can only eat raw meat.
  • Cannot take pills, these will simply fall through to the floor



A husk of a man. Depressing purple skeletons born from a burning hell.


  • Comes with their own specialized soft suit that's space-worthy.
  • Plasma isn't toxic to you.
  • No blood.
  • Takes half as much burn damage.
  • Being skeletons as well, they can also communicate privately with other skeletons with :z.


  • Can only breathe plasma.
  • Cannot remove their suits in an oxygen-containing environment without immediately bursting into flames, causing them to take constant burn damage until the suit is reapplied and the resulting fire is put out.
  • Takes 50% more brute damage.
  • You roll your S's in a simmering fashion.
  • Being forced monkeyed turns you into a flaming skull.



Depending on who's playing, either feathery gypsies who speak terrible English, or feathery pirates who speak terrible English.


  • Start out with environmental suits relating to their profession. Medical Vox have biosuits, Engineering Vox have hardsuits, Atmos Vox have atmos suits, Paramedic Vox have paramed hardsuits.
  • Can withstand cold better.
  • Can communicate privately with other Vox with :v.
  • Special Vox-only Trader occupation available on all maps.
  • Special reagent 'gravy' which is prevalent in most Vox food dishes heals them like anti-toxin. Stacks with anti-toxin.


  • Oxygen is even more toxic than plasma at levels of 1% or higher.
  • Being forced monkeyed turns you into a chicken.
  • Can't wear most exosuits.

Dionaea (Adult)


Become one with the trees by actually BECOMING a tree.


  • Regenerate from nearly anything in brightly lit areas.
  • Practically immune to toxin damage. (10 units of chloral is a 20 second stun)
  • Can absorb radiation.
  • Withstands all temperatures best out of all the races.
  • Can communicate privately with other Diona with :q.
  • Don't breathe.
  • Pressure proof.
  • Unarmed damage of 5.


  • Slow as fuck (fixed with hyperzine or genetics).
  • Can die if kept in darkness for a long period of time.
  • Cannot heal burn damage by itself.
  • Takes 2.5x burn damage.
  • Need to become a diona Nymph first, which is unable to use most equipment, and needs blood to grow into an adult as well as understand languages. However, it can crawl into vents like a monkey and has a bunch of abilities that make it a good botanist.



Mysterious grey persons. Often seen shit-talking with their mind.


  • You are immune to sulphuric acid. Drink that shit like its Kool-aid.
  • You spawn with Mind Speak, an ability that allows you to speak to others mentally.
  • Improved Darksight. (Humans have a darksight range of 2, Grays have 5)
  • Can communicate privately with other Grays with :k.


  • Unfortunately, Water is to you what Sulphuric Acid is to humans. Avoid fire extinguishers and clowns.
  • Your armed and unarmed attacks deal significantly less damage than other races.
  • People say ayy lmao around you a lot.


Congratulations, you're neutral at everything.

Also, Asimov silicons love you!

Slime People


Joining the slime Master race.


  • Immune to electricity. They heal from it. They still have shock stuns, though, but they're slower than normal. (This was tested and works)
  • Can't be harmed by slimes, or other things that cause clone damage. (Decloner)


  • Can only be made through Xenobiology witchcraft.
  • Cold kills you quick.
  • Fire extinguishers hurt like acid.



A metallic servant born from Science. Become the ultimate bodyguard, or tend to the slimes while your master drinks himself to death at the bar.


  • Irremovable space suit that doubles as Riot Armor.
  • Can't be pushed over.
  • Jumpsuit IS armor.


  • Slow.
  • Can only be made through Xenobiology withcraft. Literally.
  • Can't shoot guns.
  • Can only heal clone damage by consuming/using Rezadone.
  • Can't be given CPR, yet still need to breathe. Fuck if I know.
  • Can't wear shoes. Don't step on glass or you'll slip.
  • Slaved to the person who summoned you. You must follow their orders.


Note: This race is most often used as a punishment by the admins and is explicitly marked as valid salad in the game rules. There is a virus that occasionally causes people to become tajaran. Although it would be in the players interest to isolate themselves from the infected, the valid train has no brakes regardless of the method one has become a catbeast


  • Your harm intent unarmed attacks do significantly more damage than most other races. Can literally claw other races eyes out.
  • Darksight of 8, the greatest of all the races. Fucking alleycats.
  • Can withstand cold better.


  • You cough up hairballs. Periodically stuns you.
  • The rules not only condone but actively encourage the rest of the crew to kill you on sight, which means your brief lifespan will end in a public lynching. Being a Tajaran is a death sentence worse than Cluwneing.
  • Various word replacements: (As regex)
  • Cannot withstand heat as well.
From To

Either of:

  • silly rabbit
  • sandwich
  • recolor
  • party pooper
\bme\b meow
\bI\b meow
fuck yiff
shit scat
scratch scritch
\b(help|assist)\b(me|I)\b kill meow
god gosh
(ass|butt) rump


The rarely seen Squidfrogs.


Mechanically the same as humans.


  • They can speak their own language with :k. (Currently broken, woe is the frog)


  • Usually only ever seen as products of Brain Swapping or a Staff of Change.




  • Same as Tajaran in terms of attack damage.
  • May have immunity to toxin damage.
  • Immune to diseases. (Confirmation needed)
  • Can withstand heat better.
  • Can see slightly better in the dark than humans. Having a darksight range of 3.


  • Your s'es are drawn out as a stutter/hiss.
  • Unless you're a Janitor, expect to be killed pretty quickly.
  • Cannot withstand cold as well.
  • Only occurs as a byproduct of brainswapping and the occasional adminbus.



You poor, miserable fool. You shouldn't have been such a shitter, otherwise the admins wouldn't have turned you into one of these wretched creatures.


  • None.


  • Can never remove your clown suit and mask.
  • Your hands are replaced with an array of bicycle horns.
  • Permanently brain damaged.
  • When trying to talk, most of your words are replaced with honking.

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