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Nuclear Agent

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Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Agent
Alt. Titles: None
Access: Any place an e-mag or a block of C4 will open. Maintenance with their Agent Cards.
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: The Syndicate
Duties: Get the nuclear disk, set the crew up the bomb.
Guides: This IS the guide.

Nuke.gifYou have chosen, or been chosen to be one of the few, the strongest and the best, the Elite. Your mission will be to destroy Nanotrasen's most advanced Research Station. That's right, you are going to Space Station 13.

Yes, our intel was updated. We're certain they send only the best here.

A team of six Syndicate Commandos have been sent on a mission to annihilate the station with the nuclear fission device provided to you in your shuttle. You will naturally be supplied with the code needed to arm the nuke, but in order to arm the nuke you will need to retrieve the Nuclear Authentication Disk from the station itself. Technically, you could use the "disarmed" nuke in the vault, but it has a completely different code known only by the gods themselves, so arming that one will be a waste of time even in best-case scenarios. You will have access to the same items Traitors get in order to complete their mission as well as spare pinpointers that will allow you to easily find the disk.

Game Ending Conditions :

  • If the Bomb detonates on station and the Syndicate Crew extracts with the disk, they win a Major Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates on station and the Disk is on station, they win a Minor Victory.
  • If the Bomb does not detonate but the Disk is lost, the crew wins a Minor Victory.
  • If the Bomb does not detonate and the Disk is sent back to Centcomm, the crew wins a Major Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates off station, the round ends in a Draw.

Your Objectives

  • Retrieve the Nuclear Authentication Disk
  • Arm the Nuclear Fission Explosive inside Space Station 13
  • Extract with the Syndicate Shuttle and the station's Nuclear Authentication Disk

Your Shuttle and Gear

Syndicate Shuttle
The Syndicate Shuttle, docked at Mother Base.

Before you start your assault it is extremely important that you gear up and plan ahead. Take some time to plan a strategy with your squad. As far as gearing up goes, you will have access to the following :

  • Multiple lockers containing basic Nuclear Operatives gear. A space suit, jetpacks and weaponry.
  • A Shuttle Medbay containing notably an O2 canister to fill your jetpacks.
  • Engineering Arm. Your Combat Gloves are insulated, but you can obtain bombs, toolkits and thermals to organize correct assaults.
  • A Syndicate Radio, basically a Traitor Uplink with 40 points. Don't waste them, but make damn sure that radio is empty by the time all is set.

The Nuclear Code

Your team leader will get access to the nuclear code and a spare copy will be delivered along with the nuclear device. Broadcast it on your team's frequency (say ";" and then add it to your Notes for further reference, use Add Notes verb in the IC tab then Notes to consult)

Standard Equipment

  • The C-20R will be your main attack weapon. What it lacks in crowd control is made up in stopping power, a few bullets will kill even the most armored of foes and the massive internal damage given by bullets will ensure they can't just apply some ointment, swallow Dermaline and get back into the fight. Two spare magazines are provided, it is a good idea to keep them on your person in case you plan to go loud.
  • You will also have access to regular laser weaponry including the famed Energy Gun and the more specialized Ion Rifle. The former will allow you to stun dangerous targets and then blast them with deadly lasers which also penetrate windows, the latter will allow you to deal with pesky Cyborgs by causing an EMP blast.
  • Due to recent investment in the Special Operations armory by the Syndicate, you now have access to a few more ballistic options. Combat Shotguns pack a punch in every shell and will put someone out of the fight in one shot unless their armor saves them, although they need to be pumped at every shot. Silenced Pistols can be considered for more stealthy operations, especially since they can fit a bit everywhere unlike other assault weaponry.
  • Your jumpsuit suit will come installed with a Holomap Chip. This item is used to locate your comrades in addition to your ship's location. To activate the map, simply click the jumpsuit icon at the top left of your HUD. It can also be removed simply by using an empty hand on the jumpsuit.
  • Often forgotten but tremendously important is the Syndicate Energy Sword and the Commando Energy Shield. Used correctly, they will turn you into a terrifying foe. Also good to remember is that Energy Swords can be applied to a bolted door to lift the bolts (allowing you to bypass AIs which seem to have forgotten their Asimov lawset if they even are on Asimov) and can allow you to deflect projectiles when active. The Energy Shield itself can deflect an impressive amount of projectiles when held even off-hand and when used by a group of Syndicates will teach the station's Security Team a lesson they will never forget with their "Stun, Lethal Lethal Lethal" Energy Gun tactic.
  • Naturally, your Space-Worthy Hardsuit is extremely important, as is your Jetpack. Unless you plan to use the Teleporter and wear regular fighting gear (which is infinitely less bulky but also less protective), you will be expected to use it to infiltrate and exfiltrate the station. The helmets have a built-in camera network that allows an agent to keep track of their comrades and coordinate their actions from the safety of the shuttle.
  • Your Engineering arm comes with Thermal Visors, Pre-Made High-Yield Bombs and Regular Engineering Gear for more cunning infiltrations. The Thermal Visors are critical to take advantage of a power sink and can in general be extremely useful (be wary of flashbangs when wearing those however). You shouldn't need an explanation as to when bombs can come in handy, although C4 Blocks might be better to keep the station, your objective and yourself in one piece especially during a stealth run.
  • Your Military PDA can lock and unlock the shuttle and send PDA bombs for those extra explosions. It can be smart to do so if possible. Having a Pinpointer in your pocket is incredibly important too. You simply cannot go on mission without a way to find your objective.
  • You will have Spare Agent IDs to start with. This is effectively free Maintenance access, so keep these preciously. You usually won't get to upgrade them unless you go undercover and end up lucky enough to find the Captain or equivalent though, so remember to pack e-mags.
  • A handful of Rocket Launchers are available to you if you want to make things explode with a little more precision than the bombs might provide. You can only load one rocket at a time and have to carry each rocket in a separate slot in your bag, but it's a powerful tool for both blowing holes in the station and for dealing with interfering crew if wielded by the right operatives. Just don't use it at close range or without optimal clearance unless you want to risk blowing yourself up in the process.
  • While not technically equipment, all operatives start with a specialized Explosive Implant that causes them to explode on death and can also be triggered manually with the *deathgasp emote (even when stunned). It has a decent explosion radius and should ensure that you take anyone nearby down with you.
  • Often overlooked are the Cyanide Suicide Pill and Creatine Suicide Pill that start in your inventory. The former will kill anyone who consumes it shortly after taking it, and the latter gives you just enough time to reap the benefits of being a Hulk before it kills you. Either way, you should only use them as a last resort or if it seems like you're going to be killed no matter what. An argument could be made for force-feeding the cyanide pill to someone when they're stunned, especially in stealth to quickly and cleanly dispose of a Parapen victim while you drag it away to strip down important items.
  • You may have noticed the NaziVend vending machine back at home base. At first glance it looks like an ordinary, if politically incorrect, costume dispenser. However, if hacked and then emagged (remember to do both) you can get special Nazi Hardsuits and Plasma MP40ks from them. These guns are similar to the Plasma Rifles R&D can produce, their energy bolts don't pass through windows like lasers do but they knock down their targets and deal a little bit of radiation damage.

Syndicate Uplink

The Syndicate Uplink Radio will normally sit on a table in the Shuttle. It is usually a good idea to have one person take orders for everyone, or have each person order the gear they feel is needed. Just remember that you only have 40 Credits, so don't waste them, especially if you plan to repair the Teleporter or bring along a Gatling Gun.

  • Cryptographic Sequencers are critical for Agents. They will allow you to access any place that isn't Maintenance and/or subvert the station's silicons. Coupled with a Energy Sword for eventual bolted doors and a Crowbar for freak events, this is basically your all-access card.
  • A good old Parapen will take care of any target stealthily. A must for an undercover agent, it will allow you to eliminate the disk carrier without a noise and discreetly recover the nuke disk. You should also have a spare one on a table in the cockpit, containing 22 units of Chloral Hydrate instead of the usual Parapen cocktail.
  • Extra bricks of C4 can be ordered for 2 credits a brick. You can never really have too much C4.
  • Voice Changers can be used if you really want to stealth it through. Don't expect to have your cover hold long though.
  • Energy Crossbows can be used as flawless ranged stun guns, and then supplemented with a C-20R magazine.
  • Power Sinks can allow you to use a mere Crowbar as an all-access card outside of departments with separate power grids like the AI Core, Telecommunications or Engineering. It'll also strike fear and confusion in the crew, although most expect Nuke Ops when a power sink is set, and the crew will rarely sit idly by while the sink operates.
  • The Teleporter Board will allow you to finish your Syndicate Shuttle Teleporter, foregoing the whole "Travel through Space and Maintenance" routine and instead landing your team straight in the Bridge, Teleporter or to any Bluespace Beacon. Note that going back might be more complicated, so planning ahead is always nice.
  • Chameleon Projectors will allow you to dodge a surprising amount of weaponry and will confuse the crew even further, and can be used for really intricate undercover missions.
  • Gatling Guns cost as much as the Teleporter Board, require you to hold them in both hands to fire it and are blatantly obvious, but they can blow someone's head off in two hits and have a ton of ammo. Be sure none of your fellow operatives are in the line of fire when using them as they are not very accurate over long distances and might lead to friendly fire accidents. On the other hand, their overwhelming fire rate makes them excellent for crowd control since no-one will try to brave the hail of gunfire. Be careful to not lose it though, heavy weapons handling is a freakishly common skill.

Any other gear can be used if you feel like it, but don't expect miracles, especially if you don't have any idea on how to use the gear in the first place.

Tacticool Operations

A major part of setting up a good assault on Space Station 13 is planning ahead. While the Nuclear Operatives have multiple advantages, to try and list them roughly surprise, equipment and preparation, those advantages can only be really capitalized on if proper planning is done. A half-assed rush followed by hesitation will put the crew in the upper hand, as they have the advantage of number, time, concentrated defense and can overall mobilize much further than you could dream of once they are aware of your presence.

It is highly recommended that you do not even think about leaving the base until you have full operational reconnaissance of the station, a main, fool-proof and thorough plan, and a Plan B if Plan A fails, especially if it includes the words "stealth" or "rush".

Eye in the Sky

Sadly overlooked far too often, is the fact that Nuke Ops start with near-perfect telecommunications reconnaissance (they have access to all channels save for Binary and PDA messages), and more importantly a fully functional advanced security cameras computer. Reconnaissance is a critical part of any plan, attempting to break into the Captain's Office when a party is hosted here will end very badly.

There are many things you have to be on the lookout for, they are the following :

  • The location of the disk if possible. It is very unlikely that you will spot it on camera unless it is on the Captain's Desk. If it is, your plan should change immediately, as it is about to get infinitely easier if handled properly.
  • Otherwise, the location of the Captain, or anyone who is alleged to be carrying the disk. This is your number one target, as he carries the only thing preventing you from nuking the station, and he knows it. Hence, he should be your first casualty, if not your only until the nuclear device detonates.
  • The composition, status and alleged skill of Command, Security and Silicons. A well-trained and staffed Security department will immediately answer in force, whereas a station without any command or defense will be a walk in the park. It is also absolutely critical to see how skilled the on-board AI is (you might end up spotted by it, or hindered) and its Cyborgs (Ion Rifles trump all, they can be thrown away once the Cyborgs are up in flames)
  • The amount of crewmen in general. More crew means more risk of being spotted in Maintenance, around public window bays, or at any time when trying to subdue the disk and carrying it to a rendez-vous point. And of course, they can physically get in the way, going from soaking up bullets all the way to big damn heroes trying to mob unsupported operatives.
  • Any outstanding events, especially if they are currently developing. If Security is busy hunting down some Maintenance strawman, expect them to be distracted and more likely to ignore trivial reports, but prepared and geared for dangerous targets and actively patrolling. Note that events will develop more quickly passed the hour mark, but waiting this long is rarely needed unless the crew is absolutely crazy-prepared.
  • Potential weak points or strong points. Assistants are extremely convenient as they can give you a very easy way into secure areas, or someone might decide to dismantle part of Maint to expand a public area, ruining a stealthy approach in that area.
  • Any intelligence, correct or wrong that the crew might have on hand, especially if you have already sent an undercover agent. It is perfectly possible for crewmen to incorrectly identify antagonist behavior, including that of nuclear operations, as most of them are insanely paranoid (and one can guess rightfully so). In the absolute worst case scenario, paranoia might lead to an early shuttle call, forcing a rush.
  • If you have a competent camera operator, he might benefit from staying on the shuttle (more about that later). Competent camera operators can follow the operators as they go around the station, and mark the way when they erupt from Maintenance to prevent inopportune spotting. They can also discern patterns, including areas that the crew in general (specific crewmen don't generally matter, unless it's the one crewman with the disk) likes or avoids to patrol. Or just spot where all the Security staff is, to make sure operatives lob a bomb or avoid that area until busted.

Operative Specialization

Generally speaking, every operative should find a role in the upcoming battle. Everything save for a snatch and grab will usually need every crewman to be mobilized to either accomplish objectives leading to the disk's capture and recovery, or support to prevent them from being discovered, pinned, arrested or executed on the field. This specialization also avoids massive planning failures, like a lone Station Engineer hijacking the shuttle or the covert operative getting force-fed space lube by the Clown while everyone bitches about what to do now.

While you are obviously free to do whatever you want, here's a few roles you might consider :

  • Sleeper Agent. Basically the stealthiest role imaginable. Discard absolutely everything that is even remotely Syndicate (including your jumpsuit, hope you aren't prude), except your headset, which you should put into your backpack box. Craft or steal an identity (consider maybe a Parapen to that end, a C4 brick if you want to be a dick) and just wander around, waiting for the operatives to come into play. Once they do, assume the good old "hero of the station" role and pretend to be helping only to use your inconspicuousness to easily slip away with the disk if it's contested or in your team's cold dead hands. In a pinch, you can also use your explosive implant, or carry a real bomb in your backpack, for when you find the Captain's militia guard group. *deathgasp if your cover is blown, so at the very least you take your captors down with you.
  • Undercover Operator. A sleeper agent that isn't sleeping. Basically a Traitor with five heavily armed buddies ready to swoop in, and an objective to steal the Nuclear Disk. Use the radio to gear up (40 TC is nothing to gawk at) and home in to your target. Strike more or less discreetly but decisively and make a run for it while your fellow operators home in with the nuclear device. Nothing that can be said about Traitors can't be said here, although you have a team to rely on and should communicate with them.
  • Lone-Wolf Operator. Can be considered somewhat stealthy. Go through Maint will full gear (maybe lighter gear like a SWAT outfit to maneuver quickly). Fuck up anyone who notices you. This isn't a stealth role as much as a role to send the station into panic and gun down the crew while the rest of Security goes on a goose hunt after you and your team prepares a plan to react to your success or failure. Communication doesn't hurt, especially if you fare much better than expected, and a backpack bomb can be considered, remember to *deathgasp when caught.
  • Shuttle Operator. Handle any teleporter-related business if it is set up, you can even send the nuclear device and the rest of the team on a beacon outright once the disk is secured. Handle the shuttle cockpit, move the shuttle back to Base while the team gets busy to prevent a hijack, then move it to a specific quadrant of the station to allow easy team recovery. Handle the cameras, play the literal eye in the sky and guide your team through like you were actually playing a top-down squad tactics game.
  • Ballistic Fire Team. Usually what most Nuclear Operatives aspire to do. If you choose this role, grab a ballistic gun of choice, a backup gun if you lose your main gun to Security, airflow or the Janitor and a bunch of spare ammunition (12mm magazines or shotgun shells). Keep firing until it stops moving, then add a few extra shells for good measure. Alternatively, buy a Gatling Gun and shoot anything with a pulse.
  • Energy Fire Team. Swap all the ballistic guns for laser rifles, energy guns, and more importantly a disposable Ion Rifle for that one Security Cyborg who is going to suicidally rush your squad. Remember that lasers go through windows, and burn damage can be easily recovered from until they are downed or put into critical.
  • Explosive Fire Team. Swap the guns for a good old fashioned rocket launcher and spare bombs. Try to keep clear from the rest of your team if you end up nailing yourself, and remember fire discipline. Also worth of note, always fire down range. Hallways are good places to use for rocket launching. As for bombs, set them and go.
  • Assault Engineer. Grab a tool-belt, NVGs, an emag, C4 and bombs. Your goal is to break into places, especially if that place contains the disk or the person carrying it. Better used in stealth, although explosives work for ghetto Engineering when busted.
  • Support Operator. Grab medical supplies (especially the advanced medical kit) and try to keep your team in the fight. You can't fix broken organs on the fly, but you can patch them up enough so that they can do a last stand. Otherwise, keep ammo and first-aid supplied.

Plasteel Gear Solid

The last part of your plan is what tactic you'll use to tackle the station. There's a few well-known ones, so consider them depending on your team's skill (sometimes brute force is the only way) or situation (stealth and disguise use is ill-suited if the crew succumbs to paranoia).

  • Stealth. The cleanest if done properly, but requires an agent of your team to sacrifice himself, hopefully a very-skilled one so that you can immediately arm the nuke once spotted. Send an agent in via Teleporter or Maintenance infiltration, dress him up in less conspicuous clothing, and cross your fingers. Be prepared for a Plan B that isn't stealth if he's caught or the disk carrier is too paranoid to reasonably tackle solo. When attempting this tactic, it is critical that you prepare an alpha strike should your agent be revealed, to prevent the crew from easily reforming to protect the disk.
  • Infiltration. Instead of sending a lone, disguised agent, the whole team drops in somewhere outside of the station hull or via Teleporter in any non-public room. With as much discretion as possible, hack, shoot or blow your way to the disk before the crew realizes what is happening. Shutting down the power via power sink will buy you precious time while the crew tries to figure out what's happening, and NVGs will give you a tactical edge. Be careful and prepared to shoot your way through Security if they figure out what is happening.
  • Rush. Get in, shoot your way to the disk with as little discretion as possible, including bombs and rockets, and get out with the disk to set up the nuclear device somewhere more quiet. Quick and efficient if done correctly, but every downed agent puts you closer to total defeat.
  • Bombardment. Set up the Teleporter, throw your tank transfer valves with minimal timers at beacons. Follow up with a quick hardsuit rush while the crew is shell-shocked and clueless as to what is happening. The lack of atmosphere will seriously dissuade Security staff, although Engineers and Cyborgs might get in the way. If done properly, you can even explode the disk carrier and take the disk without resistance. Note that this tactic is going to get people royally pissed off at you even if it doesn't actually succeed.
  • Ambush. Pinpoint the exact location of the disk carrier and give him everything you've got (especially explosives). Mop up and go arm the nuclear device while the rest of the team provides covering fire. Might work less well if the target is in the middle of the station, although a mix between an Infiltration and Ambush can be arranged with the Teleporter. Works extremely well with targets roaming Maintenance.
  • Disguised Assault. While this might seem insane, Nanotrasen crews often fall for social engineering tactics. For this reason, you have disguise dispensers at the home base (can also be used for undercover agents). Do remember to pack some heat once the masks fall, and try to spring an ambush on the disk carrier while enjoying somewhat stealthy movement through public areas. However, don't bother with the "Nanotrasen Disk Inspector" idea, it's been done over and over and your cover will be blown the moment you open your mouth.

Remember. Plan A, Plan B. Mixing and adjusting plans is not forbidden, but those are usually the main directions for an attack. And finally, remember that plans don't survive contact with the enemy, unless they are damn good plans (or the enemy is really incompetent)

The Assault

Getting There and Staying in Communication

Using the Syndicate Shuttle Console, you can move your shuttle either back to the secluded Syndicate Base at any time or to any of the 6 different landing points (4 in cardinal directions around the station near the solars, one near the Telecommunications Satellite and a sixth at Mining). You will also be allowed to warp to "Deep Space" for quick getaways. Note that the shuttle needs to reload its coordinates every time it warps, so don't mess up.

You also have a special headset frequency available in your starting headset that works all over the station using an encrypted wave length. This is how you will communicate with your crew, so make sure to do so. Note however that people near you can hear the chatter from this channel (which is extremely bad when undercover) and that a headset can be recovered if your teammates are stupid. Taking the headset off if you are undercover and stashing it in your backpack can be a good idea to avoid blowing your cover in crowds.

Finally, all of your squad members in view will be marked with an obvious "S" next to their head, wherever undercover or not. Try to mind that signal, least you wish to cause friendly fire.


You need the disk to arm the nuke, but it could be guarded by the Captain, the Head of Security, the Head of Personnel or even the ignoble Clown or it could be on the Captain's Desk. It is important that you find the disk holder using your Pinpointer and whether undercover or not hit him hard and fast, killing him and recovering his disk before the entire crew arms up and guards him with their lives. Expect the emergency shuttle to be called the moment your presence is discovered on the station. If you can't figure out a way to arrange for it to be recalled or prevent it from being called in the first place, you have 10 minutes from time of call to get the disk and arm the nuke (The shuttle departs 3 minutes after it arrives, but will likely be rushed by living heads)

Getting the Disk is the main part of your mission, and how you go about it will be the pillar of your plan. You can either strike hard and get rid of that problem once and for all or get a subversive Agent to sneak in, take out the carrier stealthily and recover the Nuke Disk before heading to a rendezvous point to arm the nuke. Just remember, the crew will not stand idly by while you try to recover the nuke disk if they know Nuke Ops are currently in play. For this reason, if you choose to go the stealthy route you should be ready to have a backup plan that can be put into play the second you're exposed.

About Setting Them Up the Nuke

Once you obtain the Nuclear Authentication Disk it will be your job to warn your team immediately and if possible give them your location and expected destination. At this point, someone with space gear should carry the nuke to a good secluded place on station (if it wasn't done already). From there, the procedure is rather simple :

  • Position the Nuclear Fission Device to a good secluded place inside the station, right-click on it and choose Make Deployable. Then left-click on it to bolt it down on the floor and make it ready. This can naturally be done before you obtain the Nuclear Disk, just know that the unbolting procedure is rather long and more complicated. If done correctly, a green light should glow
  • Once you obtain the Nuclear Authentication Disk, insert it inside the nuke.
  • Clear the code using the R button if any is already inputted, input the nuke code you have been briefed very carefully and then hit E. If correct, you should now be able to set the time.
  • Set the time to explosion. Resist the wish to input very short times, you still need to extract and if done correctly there's nothing they can do to stop it. 60 Seconds is usually a good idea if your crew is ready to extract (leaving people behind is fine as far as the objectives go, but keeping everyone alive is a serious plus).
  • Set it to Armed. Stay next to the nuke for a second or two to make sure it is indeed counting down you impatient fuck. A blinking red light should activate and the timer will naturally start moving
  • Take the fucking Nuclear Authentication Disk out by left-clicking on the "+++++" symbol. If you do not do that, someone can simply walk up to the nuke and hit "Disarm", most likely ruining your mission and causing utter humiliation on your crew as you go on a goose-hunt for the Assistant who is now screaming the nuke position on Common and yakkety-saxing around Maintenance with the disk while people converge to guard the now-immobilized nuke.
  • Put the Nuclear Authentication Disk in your backpack, pocket or keep it safely in your hand and carry it back to your Shuttle. The Syndicate wants to study Nanotrasen's disk to make a substitute Nuclear Authentication Disk, allowing flawless station nuking. We are counting on you.
  • Wait for the stupid fucks which aren't on the Shuttle already.
  • Warp to Deep Space or Home Base, and enjoy the explosion.

Supplementary Video

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