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Space Station 13 takes place aboard a space station orbiting a far-away star, finding your way around the station (and around the various places outside the station) will be your first objective, and the inexperienced spessmen will find it difficult, but soon you'll know the place like the back of your hand...well...for Boxstation at least.

On vgstation, players vote for the next round's map at the end of each round.

Space Stations

The one you're going to play on 99% of the time. Originates from TG. Has been heavily modified since then though.

Box small.png

An heavily modified version of a station called Efficiency, features very complex and maze-like maintenance tunnels.

Def small.png

Relatively similar to Boxstation, was originally called Metastation before it underwent some massive changes.

Meta small.png

The newest map added to the code, features a single, circle-shaped main hallway rounding the station, silimar to the now defunct Donutstation. Has been a big rival to Boxstation in terms of player's map choice.

Bagel small.png

A new, compact map that's an expanded version of Ministation. This map can only be played during low population.

Packed small.png

Many other stations have existed, but are either deprecated, or haven't yet been ported on vgstation. Including Oldstation(which served as inspiration for the Derelict), Donutstation, ...

Station Areas

General Areas

All access areas where assistants hang around and clowns try to slip people.

Service Areas

Usually next to the general areas, but their access is restricted to those who have actual business in there

Medical Areas

This is where you want to go after you've shocked yourself when trying to hack a door. And where you'll end up if someone finds your rotting corpse in a locker.

Engineering Areas

If you ever see a gigantic black hole consuming the station, you can usually blame the guys who work in there.

Security Areas

Here's where you'll find the Warden, the Head of Security, and the jailed shitters and clowns. Maybe a Syndicate Agent awaiting his execution too.

Cargo & Mining Areas

If you've got the cash, you can acquire many goods from there.

Research Areas

Technically the reason why this Space Station exists in the first place.

Restricted Areas

Those areas are generally only accessible to Heads of Staff. Trying to break into them will usually get you robusted.

The Mining Asteroid

Where miners go to bring back minerals become Pokémon masters, and scientists to do Xenoarcheology build a Cult base.

Locations in Space

Space has many those who can get their hands on a spacesuit and have the patience of waiting sometimes for a very long time...

Spoiler-small.gif This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!