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Guide to Vox Hydroponics

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So you're a Vox Trader, or perhaps just an enterprising Botanist who traded for seeds. Welcome to the wonderful world of Vox Hydroponics.

VoxSeedVendor.png Your Garden, Your Grocer

The Vox Seed 'n' Feed is host to a number of exotic plants, though some may be familiar. They are categorized here by accessibility. Contraband seeds are accessed by hacking the vendor. Premium seeds are accessed by inserting a coin.

Basic Seeds Seed Potting Product Notes
Breadfruit BreadfruitSeed.png BreadfruitTree.png Breadfruit.png Contains flour. Unlike wheat, the amount is based on potency. Reharvestable.
Woodapple WoodappleSeed.png WoodappleTree.png Woodapple.png Contains sugar. Slice to receive wood planks. Reharvestable.
Chicken-of-the-Stars ChickenshroomSeed.png ChickenshroomTree.png Chickenshroom.png A good source of nutriment.
Garlic GarlicSeed.png GarlicTree.png Garlic.png Contains some nutriment and holy water. Cultists and Vampires hate this!
Aloe Vera Aloeseed.png Aloeplant.png Aloevera.png Known for its healing properties. Contains dermaline!
Slippery Pitcher Plant Pitcherseed.png Pitcherplant.png Pitcher.png A carnivorous plant that feeds on pests. Slippery, contains acid, and bursts on impact.
Vapor Sac Vaporsacseed.png Vaporsacplant.png Vaporsac.gif An alien plant with large blooms that contain Vapor Salt, which can transform reagents like Oxygen and Nitrogen into gasses.
Contraband Seeds Seed Potting Product Notes
Egg-Plants Eggyseed.png Eggyplant.png Egg.png Products actual eggs! Earth chickens don't survive well without oxygen, though. Reharvestable. New seeds can only be obtained with plant clippers.
No-Fruit NofruitSeed.png NofruitTree.png Nofruit.png Once harvested, pick off the stem and it will begin cycling through grown foods. Hit it with something to stop!
Glowshrooms Glowshroomseed.png Glowshroomplant.png Glowshroom.png Contains Radium, useful for mutating plants. Can be planted on tiles for lighting.
Premium Selection Insert Machine Output Notes
Box Ranching Kit Mimicmeat.png Fleshcloner.gif BoxAnimal.png After building a flesh cloner, insert meat to clone new boxen. Feed boxen chicken-of-the-stars or simply wait to let them grow for more meat before slaughter.

Microwave.PNG Birdfood

These recipes are for Vox cuisine, although some may require trading with the station to get all the ingredients...

Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Gravy.png Gravy 10 units Water, 1 Chicken-of-the-Stars Not a food on its own, but a condiment used in other recipes. Produces 10 units.
Voxbiscuit.png Rise 'n' Shiny 10 units Flour, 5 units Gravy Your core food for hunger. Easy to cook, and high in nutriment. Small amount of gravy.
Voxmush.png Mush 'n' Slush 5 units Gravy, 1 Chicken-of-the-Stars Preferred dish for recovering after a toxic trade. High in gravy content.
Voxpie.png Breadfruit Pie 10 units Flour, 1 Breadfruit Filling but tasteless. Throw it for comedy. Produces pie tin trash when eaten.
Voxjam.png Woodapple Jam 20 units Sugar, 1 Woodapple Gets you moving fast! Contains hyperzine.
Candiedwoodapple.png Candied Woodapple 5 units Sugar, 5 units Water, 1 Woodapple Celebrate a fine trade with one of these - it'll get you drunk!
Voxstew.png Vox Stew 10 units Gravy, 1 Woodapple, 2 Chicken-of-the-Stars, 1 Breadfruit, 1 Garlic A big dish with everything in it. Also helps fix eye damage.
Voxroast.png Sunday Roast 10 units Gravy, 1 unit Salt, 1 unit Pepper, 1 Raw Chicken, 2 Garlic An even larger dish which requires cooking a primitive Earth chicken. Very filling.
Garlicbread.png Garlic Bread 10 units Flour, 1 Garlic Somewhat filling garlic snack. Shoos away vampires.
Flammkuchen.png Flammkuchen 10 units Flour, 3 Cheese Wedge, 2 Garlic Big, pizza-like dish that absolutely disgusts vampires.
Welcomepie.png Friendship Pie 10 units Flour, 1 Pitcher Plant Contains sulfuric acid - a nasty trick to play on an unsuspecting guest.
Zhulongcaofan.png Zhu Lóng Cao Fàn 10 units Rice, 1 Pitcher Plant Rich with iron - good for recovering from bloodloss. Carefully steamed to remove acid!
Hoboburger.png Hobo Burger 1 Box Meat, 1 Pitcher Plant, 1 Cheese Wedge An extremely filling meal, too much for anyone to eat on their own. Purified of acid!
Bacon.png Bacon 1 Box Meat A filling source of nutrition.
Porktenderloin.png Pork Tenderloin 10 units Gravy, 1 Box Meat A very-filling dish that contains gravy.
Sweetsourpork.png Sweet-and-Sour Pork 10 units Soy Sauce, 10 units Sugar, 1 Box Meat May cause some brief confusion of movement and toxicity, but helps you recover from stuns. Best served with gravy to offset toxins.
Vaporstew.gif Vapor Stew 5 units Vapor Salts, 2 Chicken-of-the-Stars A good dish for showing off, but not very filling.
Poachedaloe.png Poached Aloe 5 units Water, 1 Aloe Not very filling, but at least it's something.
Mint.png Mint 1 unit Sugar, 1 Aloe Harmless to normal people, but gibs fat people upon consumption.
Bruisepack.png Gauze 1 Aloe Not edible! Apply to wounds to stop bleeding.
Ointment.png Ointment 5 units Dermaline Not edible! Apply to burns to provide some instant relief.

Nofruit.png Gamblin' Cook

When you randomize a no-fruit to generate a new grown food, you have a chance to convert that food into seeds at the seed extractor to save it for longterm cooking, or cook it immediately if you don't want more. In those cases, this quick-reference chart will serve to help to find an easy meal to cook, usually by combining with flour.

Easy Dish Common Reagent Ingredient options (choose one)
Popcorn Nothing Corn.png
Riceball Nothing Ricestalk.png (grind for 5u Rice)
Chips 2u Salt Potato.png
Amanita Pie 5u Flour Amanita.png
Pie 10u Flour Apple.png Cherry.png Berry.png Banana.png Plumphelmet.png
Simple Breads 15u Flour Pumpkin.png Soybeans.png
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