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Guide to Toxins

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Toxins Research is one of the most noteworthy laboratories in the Research and Development department, sometimes even more than R&D itself. It is used to create powerful explosives to destroy the Singularity everything. Even if you aren't moved by malicious intent, the power of this laboratory can strip mine the mining asteroid or get rid of a loose Singularity. And if you are a Traitor, may the gods help the station.

Practical Toxins Research 101

The first thing you should do once you arrive in Toxins Research is to cycle the interior airlock of the heating chamber. Set both pumps to "4500 kPa" and turn the Output/Top Pump "Off" until your burn mix is done burning up. You don't need to close the airlock behind you, so don't bother. Once that is done, you will need to go to Toxins Storage. Grab at least one Plasma Canister and one Oxygen Canister.

Once both canisters are in Toxins Research, mix them on the canister mixing port at the top of the laboratory by wrenching both of them down. You now have two canisters of 50 % Oxygen, 50 % Plasma. Wrench one of the canisters on the bottom canister port (Input), do not open the canister's valve or it will output into the room, and toggle input by turning the valve until you see the meter bounce up. Immediately ignite the mix by hitting the switch (be careful not to hit the Chamber Venting button). Wait until the canister's pressure meter is flashing red, and unwrench the canister. Wrench the other canister in its place. Once that's done, you'll have a good few minutes of free time while your mix burns. If you don't want to waste gas, you will also need to wrench empty canisters on the mixing ports a few times to scrub leftovers.

During those few minutes, you'll need to prepare your explosives. Go fetch a cooled Oxygen Canister (Ask R&D for a Freezer and RPD, use the Freezer in the Research Outpost or do the research yourself. Cool the canister down to ~2000 kPa). Take an Oxygen Tank out of the Tank Dispenser, and scrub it in the Portable Pump. Make sure the Portable Pump is turned off when you remove the tank, or it will scrub the room's air. Fill the Oxygen Tank with cooled Oyxgen. You now have half of your reagents done.

Then, take a Plasma Tank out of the Tank Dispenser. Fill it with about 600 kPa of Plasma (for your first bomb, this should work out well). Now you just need to turn up the heat.

Your mix will most likely still be burning, so continue to do this for each bomb you would like to produce. Once the mix is done, go fetch one of the yellow canisters, tag it with [CAUTION] in the canister menu and wrench it on the top canister port (Output). Turn the valve and let your canister fill for a while. You should hopefully be getting hot CO2 in the thousands of Celsius degrees. All you need to know is that when both tanks on the tank transfer valve merge, they have to be over 100°C to explode. If they are below that, you get a dud.

Top your Plasma Tank with the yellow canister (if the mix is significantly hot, fill it at only about 1000 kPa first, otherwise it might rupture and explode). This is your heat tank (the tank that heats your reagents enough to cause an explosion). Then, stick it on the Tank Transfer Valve. You now have a functional and decent explosive, but unless you are feeling suicidal today, you will still need a trigger mechanism

Since you are starting out, slap a timer on the damn thing and then go to the right of your laboratory into the test range. Turn on the intercom next to the bhangmeter computer, tell everyone that you are about to test a bomb, arm the timer, put the bomb in the disposal and flush. Once the bomb is carefully set on the mass driver, press the switch to send it to the bomb testing range. And then wait, the Bangmeter will happily tell you how powerful your bomb was, if it wasn't a dud. If it was, you screwed something up.

Note that the bomb's output might be limited by the bomb cap, introduced after the antics of the legendary bomber "Cuban Pete" to prevent competent Traitors from making insanely powerful bombs to very easily destroy half of the station. If you have made a really big explosive and wonder if you hit the bomb cap, adminhelp it.

How to Trigger your Explosives

Now, let us imagine you are a dirty Traitor and want to blow up the station, and signed up for Toxins Research to do just that. Crazy right ? Either way, to blow up the station, you will not only need explosives, but also a way to detonate them. In that case, there are four ways to detonate a Tank Transfer Valve :

  • By hand. Just pick up any Tank Transfer Valve and open the transfer valve. Needlessly to say, this is an extremely expeditive way to cause an explosion, but you are certain that your bomb will explode when you want it to, where you want it to- as long as you don't mind it exploding in your face, of course. This is also the sneakiest way of achieving your goal, allowing you to perform a suicide bombing if no-one suspects you when you approach.
  • By timer. The good old numerical dial counting down on an explosive. Once attached to the explosive, you can set it from its default 10 seconds down to a single second, or up to an extremely long period of time if you feel confident. Three seconds is enough to get the fuck out of here if you just throw it in the middle of a hallway, without getting you caught in the blast. Two seconds is riding the edge. One second is basically an action bomb. Do note that anyone can disarm a timing explosive by taking it apart, removing any part or just stopping the timer, so either make the timer ultra-short or conceal it in a locker or something.
  • By proximity sensor. This turns your explosive into a land mine. Simply attach it to your bomb. Set the time to arming (Enough to get out of the range of your explosive. The length from your character to any edge of the screen is 7 tiles, so five seconds seems ample). Then set the range from one tile to five (No reason to not crank it up to five unless you really want your target(s) to get as close as humanly possible). Do not ever, ever arm the proximity sensor immediately. It will take effect immediately and explode in your face if you move. An added bonus of a proximity sensor explosive is that it is impossible to disarm once the proximity sensor is armed, and it will also work in containers like any other trigger.
  • By remote signalling device. Attach to the tank transfer valve. Set it to another frequency or code than default immediately, you don't want someone to blow up Research and Development because they toyed around with another remote signalling device. Set another remote signalling device to the same frequency and code. You can now trigger your explosive on demand. This can be used as a booby-trap, or for extremely pointy sabotage work when you absolutely, positively have to have your bomb explode at a precise second.

Whatever you use to trigger your explosive, just remember that badly armed bombs can be taken apart by any competent crewman. Arm, conceal (lockers are a favorite, backpacks can also work in a pinch, like in real life) and forget (preferably not long, brevity is king in traitorous bomb usage)

As an addendum, do not ever detonate explosives on-station if you aren't an antagonist. This is a very quick, even if spectacular way to get a permanent scientist ban and a lengthy server ban.

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