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Guide to Ghetto Chemistry

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Ghetto Chemistry has three main objects. The first, the electrolyzer, may be useful to any chemist. The two others are strictly inferior except in narrow circumstances to their non-ghetto counterparts.


Construction: Empty Grenade Casing + Wires (2)

Deconstruction: Wirecutters

The electrolyzer may be loaded with up to two beakers: one must be empty, and the other must contain exactly one reagent ("active beaker").

When you click the electrolyzer with any power cell, it will attempt to convert the reagent in the active beaker into its chemical components, based on standard recipes. Catalysts are never necessary nor produced. 30 charge is necessary per unit converted. The first component of the reaction is put into the first beaker, the remainder are dumped into the second beaker.

Example 1: 10u of Dexalin is converted using a potato battery (300 charge). It produces 20 Oxygen and completely drains the battery.

Example 2: 30u of Anti-Toxin is converted using a power cell (1000 charge). It produces 10u of Chlorine in the first beaker, and 10u Nitrogen + 10u Potassium in the second beaker. 100 charge remains in the cell.


Construction: Toilet + Hand (open bottom) + Crowbar (open top) + Rods (2) + Paper

Deconstruction: Crowbar

The centrifuge can hold any number of empty, open containers, but only one active container, which can contain many reagents. When the flush verb is used, the Centrifuge attempts to kick out containers filled with one reagent from the active container each. If there aren't enough empty containers, the remainder of the chemical mix is lost.

Example 1: You take your above mix of Nitrogen and Potassium beaker to the Centrifuge and insert it, then you drink the soda out of two cans and insert those. You flush the centrifuge, and it produces two soda cans. One contains 10u Nitrogen, the other contains 10u Potassium.

Example 2: You insert an empty can and a can of Groans Banned Soda: Fish Surprise, then flush. This soda contains 10u Carpotoxin and 10u Discount Dan's Special Sauce. Because Carpotoxin is listed first on the reagent list, it is deposited in the can. The Dan Sauce is lost.


Construction: Bowl + Metal (1)

Deconstruction: Screwdriver

This functions like an all-in-one grinder, with several drawbacks. There's a reagent limit of 1, so items need to be crushed one after another instead of putting in many at once. It also prioritizes juicing over grinding with no choice otherwise, meaning berries will always produce juice instead of nutrient. Additionally, it can't be upgraded, and because it is its own container, you can't add a larger beaker to contain more at once. The perk is that it is mobile and will work during a power outage. It also has the ability to grind some things that won't pass the "Will it blend?" test -- wires for copper, flares for sulfur, butts for mercury, and cells for lithium.

Example 1: Berries are added to the mortar. Crushing them results in berry juice.

Example 2: Solid plasma is added to the mortar. Crushing it results in plasma.

Basic Ghetto Chemistry

Ghetto Chemistry is mostly about getting the chemicals you need. The best chemicals require no theft, and just a little hacking. Groan's Soda is going to be your biggest friend. Remember to centrifuge out all mixes to get pure chemicals, and "donate" all your spare Dan Sauce to the chef.


Accessible from any sink or water tank, a plentiful source of Oxygen and Hydrogen.

O2 Lockers

These emergency lockers often contain suffocation emergency kits. While the Dexalin is basically useless to you, the Inaprovaline may be broken down for Carbon, Oxygen, and Sugar. Useful if you run out of money for Space Twinkies or can't get access to a microwave for Carbon.

Groan's Soda

Your best source for most chemicals. To get banned sodas, you'll need to hack it. Regardless of the name displayed on the vending machine, the soda edition you get is random, so keep trying until it's sold out -- and then order recharge packs from cargo. There are a number of additional useful chemicals to be found in Groan's soda, such as Carpotoxin, Capsaicin, and Frost Oil, but core chemistry chemicals will be outlined here. To save money, you can hack the machine to throw its contents at you and wait, but the increased randomness may mean that you wait a very long time.

Groan's Soda: Energy Shot: Sugar

Filk: Sugar Blast Edition: Sugar, Radium

Grifeo: Crystallic: Sugar, Space Drugs (Mercury, Sugar, Lithium)

Groans Banned Soda: Sour Surprise: Polytrinic Acid (sulfuric acid, Chlorine, Potassium)

Groans Banned Soda: Sleepy Surprise: Sleep Toxin (chloral hydrate (Ethanol, Chlorine, Water), Sugar)

Getmore Chocolate Corp

Mostly useful for nutrients. Hacking is required to access Syndie-Cakes. Syndie Cakes are one of the few sources of Silicon outside of medbay, but you need six cakes to produce 1u of Silicon -- a last resort only. To save money, you can hack the machine to throw its contents at you and wait, but the increased randomness may mean that you wait a very long time.

Space Twinkie: Sugar

Syndie Cakes: Doctor's Delight (lime juice, orange juice, tomato juice, and tricordrazine (Carbon, Oxygen, Sugar, Nitrogen, Potassium, Silicon))

Busta Nuts: Salt


The most obvious one is located in the ghetto bar, and there are extras around the station. Any bad recipe (such as simply adding water to the microwave and turning it on) will result in a burned mess. A burned mess contains Carbon.

Space Cleaner

Often found around the station and easy to request, Space Cleaner is a good source of ammonia (Hydrogen, Nitrogen).


Metal sheets are plentiful and may be ground in the mortar for Iron.

Plasma sheets are necessary for many reactions, and need to be either stolen or acquired from mining.


The Chef can be your best friend for chemicals. Notably, he is a reliable source of salt for sodium chloride (Chlorine + Sodium) -- perhaps unwittingly.

Carrots are a good source of imidazoline (Carbon, Hydrogen, anti-toxin (Silicon, Nitrogen, Potassium)).

Brain Foods such as Brain Cake or Brain Burgers produce alkysine (Chlorine, Nitrogen, anti-toxin (Silicon, Nitrogen, Potassium)).

Ass Foods such as Asspie or Ass Burgers produce Mercury.

Many foods, including Fried Egg, Meat Steak, Baguette, and Turkey contain salt.


Botanists can produce a wide array of useful chemicals, but will mostly focus on creating sleep toxin, polytrinic acid, and space drugs (all of which you can get from vending machines instead).


With medical crates, which are not locked, you have access to a wide variety of medicine to gain components.

Kelotane: Silicon, Carbon

Anti-Toxin: Silicon, Nitrogen, Potassium

Dermaline: Oxygen

Inaprovaline: Oxygen, Carbon, Sugar

Sleep Toxin: (chloral hydrate (Ethanol, Chlorine, Water), Sugar)


Sometimes, you're just going to have to try to steal pills. Try to prioritize these pills for otherwise hard-to-get reagents. Copper and Aluminum are particularly hard to get. There's no way to get Fluorine without access to the chem dispenser. Aluminum is exclusively from Thermite. Tungsten is used exclusively in Xenoarcheology. Oxycodone is your Holy Grail -- it contains plasma.

Anti-Toxin: Silicon, Nitrogen, Potassium

Kelotane: Silicon, Carbon

Leporazine: Silicon, Copper

Rezadone: carpotoxin, cryptobiolin (Potassium, Oxygen, Sugar), Copper

Thermite: Iron, Aluminum, Oxygen

Hyperzine: Sugar, Phosphorous, Sulfur

Dermaline: kelotane (Silicon, Carbon), Oxygen, Phosphorous

Oxycodone: Ethanol, tramadol (inaprovaline (Oxygen Carbon Sugar), Ethanol, Oxygen), Plasma

Quick Reference

These are the cheapest or least restrictive ways to get each element.

Chemical Location
Hydrogen Electrolyze water
Lithium grind a power cell
Carbon Burned mess (microwave) / electrolyze Inaprovaline (O2 Locker)
Nitrogen Electrolyze any of... Space Cleaner / Carrots (Botany) / Anti-Toxin (Cargo)
Oxygen Electrolyze water
Sodium Electrolyze salt (Bar)
Aluminum Silicate (Silicate Tanks) / Soda cans
Silicon Silicate (Silicate Tanks)
Phosphorus Grind Matches or Electrolyze Groans Banned Soda: Sour Suprise (Groan's Soda)
Sulphur grind flares
Chlorine Electrolyze salt (Bar)
Potassium Electrolyze anti-toxin (Cargo)
Iron Grind metal sheets
Copper Grind cables
Mercury Ass foods (Kitchen) / Grifeo: Crystallic (Groan's Soda) / grind asses
Radium Filk: Sugar Blast Edition (Groan's Soda)
Water Water Tanks / Sinks
Ethanol Bar drinks
Sugar Space Twinkie (Getmore Chocolate Corp) / Inaprovaline (O2 Locker) / Groan's Soda: Energy Blast
Sulphuric Acid Groans Banned Soda: Sour Suprise (Groan's Soda)
Plasma Grind plasma sheets (Mining) / electrolyze oxycodone (Medbay)
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