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Guide to Forensics

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Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws. In other words, it's the art of confounding culprits by shoving their face down the evidences they inadvertently left on the crime scene. A detective's job is not to remain constantly on the hunt for antags, but to be ready to intervene whenever a crime has happened on the station and an unknown crew member is on the run. If they claim they are innocent, it'll be your job to prove that they're not. If you do your work properly, you'll be every antag's nightmare without even having to chase them gun in hand.

And remember, "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove." -Denzel Washington


Tools of the trade

Scanner.pngForensic Scanner

If there was only one thing to carry at all times, that'd be this scanner.

Things you can use it on to obtain DNA info:

  • Blood slatters
  • Drips of blood
  • Bloody footprints
  • Bloody items
  • Bloody mobs (such as humans covered in blood)

Things you can use it on to obtain Fingerprints info:

  • Items
  • Doors
  • Walls (if people have been pushing them)
  • Chairs (if people were buckled in them)
  • most Computers
  • most Buttons
  • Humans(although you should be able to obtain their fingerprints from the Security Records in your office)

A crime occured in a room? Scan the doors, scan any tool/clothes, that the murderer might have touched, don't mix them up with the victim's prints/blood. Gloves have a high chance of blocking fingerprints.

Medicallaptop.gifMedical Laptop and Security RecordsSecurityRecordsDetective.png

The medical laptop on your desk lets you check the DNA of every crew member, while the Security Records computer lets you check the Fingerprints of every crew member.

By using Search Records you can instantly find whose fingerprints/DNA were on that knife found at the crime scene.

Box.pngEvidence.pngEvidence bags

Hold a bag and use it directly on an item to pick it up without adding your own fingerprints. Very useful to carry and show evidence.

Forensic.gifFingerprint.pngThose things?

Forget them. The High-Res Forensic Scanning Computer's code is nonsense for the most part, you can use it to scan items but the Forensic Scanner can already do that. Those items might get reworked in the near future.

Other items that might come in handy

  • Polaroid.png Camera Let's you take a picture of a crime scene.
  • Securitydet.png Security Cameras Lets you check for happenings around the station. Remember that you can use a Camera to take pictures of areas that you are currently watching through Security Cameras.
  • Coatrack.png Coat Rack Lets you hang your hat and coat so you can feel great about yourself as you grab them before heading out to solve a crime.
  • Detflask.png Detective's Flask Fill it with whatever liquor you think can help you get through the day. Hardcore ones will go for whiskey. Clever ones will go for Doctor's Delight. Traitor ones will go for chloral hydrate.
  • Detgun.png Revolver Fires .38 rounds that deals about 10 brute damage and stuns your target for 8 seconds at most. Long enough to cuff them if you came prepared, or to make them take a sip of whatever's in your flask.

For syndicate agents:

  • Kit.png Revolver Conversion Kit Allows your revolver to fire .357 rounds that deal a deadly 45 brute damage but don't stun. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE AMMO FROM YOUR GUN BEFORE CONVERTING IT OR IT'LL FIRE IN YOUR FACE. Lets you convert it back to .38 rounds as well.
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