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Guide to Contributing to the Wiki

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This article or section is from the /tg/ station 13 wiki.

This article or section is directly taken from the /tg/ station 13 wiki, and should not be relied on for /vg/station. You can help by updating it.


We're happy you've shown interest in contributing to the wiki. This is a quick guide to how you can help


Wikicode is the strange syntax used by all wikipedias including this one. If you don't know it and are prepared to learn, you can do so here. If you don't want to spend your life learning this markup, then fret not, you can still help.

What needs doing?

New pages

New content is constantly being added to ss13 which needs tutorials and such. before you start to write a page, search for it and if you can't find it, start one yourself. If you wish to work on a page uninterrupted, make it in your personal sandbox area or anywhere in your own pages. If you don't know wikicode, you can create a unformatted page and ask someone else to format it for you.

Content revisions

A list of pages which need revisions can be found here

Updates are frequent and we need people to update the information on the wiki. To do this simply edit the page with new information. If you don't know wikicode you can write the new, updated content on the discussion page without formatting.


If you have relevant images then upload them and add them to the page they're intended for. It is appreciated if the pictures of items you add have a blank background and are in the .gif or .png format. The easiest way to add images of items is to download the source code, open the icons .dmi files and export images as .gif's or .png's from there.

Marking for revision and deletion

If a page is up to date when you read it, please put the following tag at it's top (with the correct date):

{{Lastrevision | date = 15. 1. 2012}}

If a page is out of date or doesn't have a reason for existing, add one of the following tags to the top of the page:

{{Needs revision}}
{{slated for removal}}


Some pages are intended to be entertaining but when writing guides, remember that a newbie might not realize something is a joke or sarcasm, even if it's blatantly obvious to the rest of us. Think where jokes fit and where they don't. Also, if you're updating someone else's joke think if it's actually funnier.

Useful pages

Categories: Used, unused and wanted

Templates: Used, unused and wanted

Files: All, unused and wanted

All pages: All existing pages and Wanted pages

/vg/station wiki specific markup

To create a BYOND hyperlink, use the <byond> tags. The specific syntax is <byond port=4000>Link text here</byond>.

  • This wiki supports byond:// links.
  • The wiki also supports the features of the ParserFunctions extension.

Spambot protection - Security question

To create an account you will need to provide the answer of one of two questions. One being about the game engine (byond) and the other about the chan board (vg). The answers to the questions are in brackets.

You will need to provide the answer to the question every time you make an edit as an unregistered user. The question is just above the edit content field.

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