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Guide to Contributing to the Game

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This article or section is from the /tg/ station 13 wiki.

This article or section is directly taken from the /tg/ station 13 wiki, and should not be relied on for /vg/station. You can help by updating it.

This is more of an index to contributing to the game. Note that your solutions might not be used and it is possible for them to even be ridiculed. Please do not take offense and try to get as much constructive criticism out of it as you can. If your work does get put in, than congratulations!!

I hope this covers everything, if not, join the discord channel (or try our code discussion discord) and ask there.


So you have an idea and don't know where to post it? Simple... check if it's already been submitted and if it hasn't, post it in the /vg/ thread or in the forums.

Icons, glyphs, sprites, animations... images

For an overview on spriting see the Guide to spriting.

You have what it takes to make a 32x32 pixel image actually look like something? Post it in the thread. /vg/ is always on the lookout for good spriters.


A code overview is available as well as a guide for experienced programmers..


A Guide_to_Mapping is available. If you have any additional questions please ask here or in the /vg/ IRC.

Development and contribution guides

/vg/station is an open source project, so anyone can contribute to it. Here are a few guides to help you if you're interested in contributing.

Getting your commits into the game

/vg/ content is hosted by Github. Anyone can contribute.

Contributor baby-steps

For most of you, coding for /vg/station 13 will be the first experience with coding for a SS13 server. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that your early contributions are conservative and don't bring too many changes, especially not needless changes. Choose projects which you can actually complete and don't dive into over-complicated things. Avoid adding direct references to other franchises if possible. This does not mean that it is forbidden to add derivative works, just that whenever possible add your own interpretations, which are only inspired by others, not directly copied. There is a time and place for gimmicky items and such, the place is called Hell, but since SS13 comes close to Hell, gimmicky items are tolerated. Do not go over-board with it tho. Whenever adding gimmicky items to the game world, ensure they bring additional gameplay value or that they won't become old after less than a month. If possible, do a 1 to 1 trade-off for gimmicky items when possible. An example would be to remove a suit from the theater to make room for a new one, with both of them being gimmicky. Adding religiously intolerant, racist or otherwise discriminatory items is tolerated only to a certain extent<s/> considered to be completely acceptable so long as it's at least mildly amusing. Adding nazi symbols or clothing, KKK references or Barbra Streisand into the game will be met with <s>a revert applause by the /vg/ community.

Quality control

From the time you get commit access to the time you lose interest in the project, you should always test as many aspects of your work as possible. Think how it impacts the rest of the game, think how people can abuse it and test the hell out of whatever you make to ensure it doesn't cause problems or errors even in obscure situations. Sanity checks in code are usually needed everywhere, these being tests whether variables are set and whether they can safely be referenced.

Attributes of code

It usually takes anywhere from a month to 4 months for a new coder or mapper to get a feel for how new additions affect gameplay, balance, pace, flow, dynamics, lag and other non-descriptive terms. Participate in discussions, ask for opinions, have experienced coders review ideas and your work.

The R word

Reverting is a touchy issue. Pomf has the final say in this, but generally anyone can revert other's content if it violates rules of common decency or if they negatively affect the code attributes mentioned above they hate fun or think your shit is retarded.

Contribution guides
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