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Game Modes

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For those that have no idea what a Game Mode is, fear no more. A game mode is the mode that the game plays in. For instance, if the game mode is Traitor then there will be traitors on the station, if it is Wizard, then a Wizard will spawn. These are meant to give variety to the game. The game mode is determined randomly at the beginning of the round, based on the number of players on the server. The game mode can also be forced at round start by an admin, usually for a special round wherein the admin spawns/does something that would be obstructed by the game mode.

Antagonists being in charge of everyone's "fun" is a very sensitive topic, with valid arguments both for and against, so we encourage everyone to come read/participate in this page's Discussions.

Secret Modes

"Secret" is a special mode that the server will run on 99% of the time. A random mode is picked, but only the antagonists (if any) get to know which mode it is, until the round ends.

Name Description Required Players Difficulty
Syndie-logo.png AutoTraitor The Syndicate has Sleeper Agents among the crew! As the Traitors complete their objectives, the sleeper agents will activate and become Traitors as well. 0 Medium
Syndie-logo.png Double Agents A handful of Traitors on the station have been given orders to hunt down and kill one another, and they don't particularly care if the rest of the crew gets in their way. 0 Medium
Changeling-logo.png Changeling They look like you and me, in fact they look 'exactly' like you and me. 10 Hard
Syndie-logo.pngChangeling-logo.png Traitor+Changeling (TraitorChan) Traitors and a Changeling wreaking havoc. 10 Hard
Wizhat.PNG Wizard A Powerful wizard trained in strange magics has come to the station with a mission! Not to die in minutes! 10 Medium to Very Hard
Ragin.png Ragin' Mages One morning, the Wizard Federation decided that it was going to ruin the crew's day. 15 Medium to Very Hard
Cult.png Cult Cultists have infiltrated the crew. Expect to witness bloody rituals, sacrifices and the end of the world. an infuriating game of demonic twister. 15 Hard
Vamp-logo.png Vampire Summon bats and hug people. No, you don't sparkle or stop time. 15 Hard
Rouge.png AI Malfunction How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine? 15 Very Hard
Nukeops.png Nuke Ops (Nuclear Emergency) The Syndicate is sending a strike team to nuke the station! GET DAT FUKKEN DISK! 25 Very Hard
Heist-logo.png Vox Raiders (Heist) Vox pirates are infiltrating the station to steal technology and resources! 25 Hard
Rev.png Revolution Syndicate-sponsored leaders are brainwashing the crew to cut ties with Nanotrasen! Viva la revolución! 25 Medium (Very Hard for the heads of staff)
Rev.png Revolutionary Squad Kill the heads, but this time without the greytide 25 Very Hard
BlobD.png Blob A crew member has spontaneously turned into a blob, and is slowly overtaking the entire station! The AI has orders to ensure that nobody leaves the station as long as the Blob is present, and it is authorized to use lethal force in order to maintain the quarantine. 25 Medium
Remains.png Extended No antagonists appear in this mode at all. Also known as "shitter safari" by the admins, and "fucking boring" by everyone else.* 0 Easy

|* Admins will sometimes force it so they can enact the special custom scenarios they thought of. Or just intervene to make the round interesting if it really goes on for too long, but don't keep your hopes up.

Other Modes

Modes currently on the server, though not enabled in secret. Admins may secretly force one of them before roundstart, or call a vote for them.

Name Description Required Players Difficulty
Sandstone.png Sandbox Test your shoddy code. Ruin people's days. 0 Easy
Syndie-logo.png Traitor Some crew members got a free pass to ruin everyone else's day. Kinda rendered obsolete by AutoTraitor. 0 Medium
Meteor.gif Meteors* An unexpected meteor storm of epic proportions is about to pulverize the station and lag the server to hell! 20 IT'S LOOSE
Mixed.gif Mixed Because a secret mode wasn't enough, what about THREE of them at once? (More if admins get involved) 20 (25 when on secret) IT'S LOOSE
Mixed.gif Random It could be anything. At least it's kind enough to tell you which mode it is first. (Technically this is Secret mode's default round type) 0 to 25 easy to IT'S LOOSE

|*Occasionally an admin will force a Meteor round, then remember a while later the reasons why it's been removed from Secret.

Random Events

Special Events

Technically not modes, but these events have enough impact and importance to warrant their own articles.

Name Description Occurence
Harvester.png Rise of Nar-Sie How about a nice game of Hide & Seek? End-Game (Cult rounds)
Supermatter.png Supermatter Cascade Get to the science shuttle! No time to explain! End-Game
Bomberman.png Bomberman Mode Oh my god JC, A BOMB! Sub-Round Type

Unused/Removed Modes

These modes have been removed from the server, either because they were rubbish, or to be reworked.

Name Description Difficulty
Meme "Kill yourself, do it" (More or less replaced by Borers) Hard
Borer.png Borers Oh the irony. They used to ruin people's days, now they're basically organic pAIs, and most people agree that it's an improvement, if that lets you imagine how bad those rounds actually were. Hard
Alien.png Alien* Xenomorphs attack! Hard
Monkey.png Monkey Fever** Get bitten through 15 layers of armor. Get destroyed by a single Security Borg. Very Hard
Zombie Braaaaiiinnss... Medium
Centrifuge.png Virus Epidemic* WHERE ARE THE VIROLOGISTS!? Hard

|*Athough the game modes has been removed, Alien Infestations and Viral Outbreaks still happen as Random Events.

|**Athough the game mode has been removed, the monkey virus still exists in the code, so keep that in mind in case of adminbus.