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Alt. Titles: Pharmacist
Access: Medbay, Chemistry Lab
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Make medicine and research grenades.
Guides: Guide to Chemistry

As a Chemist your job is to mix chemicals for the other Med/Sci staff to use. Your work will be needed mostly by Medical Doctors, Geneticists and Scientists as they often require important chemicals. You also have the option to make grenades, but using them or making them without clearance can get you brigged (or possibly banned).


You mix and deliver chemicals. That's it. Some of the time you can do whatever you feel like, but for most of the round you'll be making chemicals for the medical staff. Make note of the chemists' bread and butter equipment:


  • ChemDispenser: This is where the chems live.
  • ChemMaster 3000: This is where you can separate chems, and dispense them automatically into bottles and pills. For example, if you make clonex, plasma is left over in it, you use this to get it out and into a pill/bottle to reuse.
  • Beakers: A so so piece of equipment. Holds 50u(units)
  • Large Beaker: You start with three; two on the table, one is hidden in the grinder. It holds 100u
  • Grinder: Grinds up whatever consumable/material you put in there. This ranges from pizza to plasma to uranium. Helps to find out what the hell is in a (poisoned) food item or Zoom pill.
  • Syringes: Used to dispense chems from beakers or to mix small amounts of things(For example, you only need 5u of plasma to make clonexadone, so instead of switching the beaker to pour 10u, you can just use the syringe, as outside of the ChemMaster, this is the fastest way to get a small amount of something. Your coat's suit storage can hold one.
  • Your PDA! Your PDA comes with a cartridge that, when activated, if you click someone with your PDA, it will tell you exactly what chemicals are in their system at that moment. Helps you to figure out who smoked weed to death and who got poisoned with welder fuel.

Also of note is:

  • Plasma A stack of plasma, you grind this in the grinder, and it's used for a couple of things, namely clonex.
  • Antitox/Inaprovaline There are two 30u bottles of both of these. Mostly you'll want to use this to make some Tricordrazine without having to go to the vending machine or making it yourself.
  • 2 Pill Bottles of 30u Inaprovaline Another great timer saver. Can be used to more quickly make Bicaridine, Tricord, etc.


There are a few things useful to you that can't be found in Medbay.

  • Nutriment: This is what food is made of. You can get some from the chef, you can get some by making meat through clonex. By far the best and easiest way to order a pizza crate(A meat pizza, when ground up, gives you approx. 50u nutriment). These can be used to supplement Iron pills for helping with blood regeneration, but be careful not to make a patient fat.
  • Large Beakers: You can get these from Autolathes, either in Science or Cargo. The more the better. Both the chef and bartender have one in their grinder, but they may or may not want to give it to you- or even know how!
  • Juices & Milk Cream: Tomato, Orange, and Lime juice, and Milk Cream. These all come from the bar dispenser. Milk cream =/= Space milk. These are used in the production of Doctor's Delight.
  • BlueSpace Beakers: You can only get these from Research. They hold 200u, which is nice. Occasionally a Xenoarch or Miner may find the 300u variety on the asteroid.
  • Plasma: The only useful thing this is for that depletes plasma when created is Oxycodone, but when you're out, you're out.


As a chemist you'll either be swamped with requests or have none at all. Knowing what these basic requests are before hand makes it easier to deal with them and get back to work doing what you ought to be doing: Making medbay run better with better medicine.


You can mix chemicals in a few ways, but the easiest way is to add a beaker to the chemical dispenser and then dispense appropriate amounts of base chemicals. If the mixture is correct, the solution will bubble and you'll now have a some of your end product chemical. You can also pour beaker to beaker(Default 10u at a time, you can right click and change the amounts, though there's not much need). You can also use a syringe to do 5 to 15 at a time. Right clicking beakers can be very time consuming, and a syringe fits into your Suit slot, where an oxygen tank might normally go(other medical exo suits don't get this benefit).

As a beginning note, as you begin to make a broader range of chemicals and more complex pills and Cryo mix, You will need either a lot of large beakers or a few blue space beakers. Basically, Tricordrazine and Doctor's Delight do the same thing. Doctor's Delight does it better. However, they work even better together. This is most easily mixed into large beakers BECAUSE a beaker would hold 25/25, whereas a large holds 50/50. It's not impossible, it's just time consuming to switch to pouring 5u at a time, or switching to your syringe often. Large beakers can be made either Cargo or Science, and Science has the added benefit of being able to make Blue Space beakers.

Some examples are using the bottles of Antitox and Inaprovaline in the top left of Chemistry and emptying them into a large beaker. Using all four on two large beakers results in one having 100u of Tricordrazine and the other with 20u of Tricordrazine(to which you can add 20u of Orange Juice, Milk Cream, Tomato Juice, and Lime Juice to make 100u of Doctor's Delight).

Next example, using the Pill bottle of Inaprovaline already present in Chemistry, you can take a large beaker with 50u of Carbon, and add two of the pills; this will result in 100u of Bicaridine(There really isn't that much of a good use for the Inaprovaline outside of using it to mix things, or maybe giving it away to the Paramedic).

Going further, if you have Large Beaker of Tricordrazine and a Large Beaker of Doctor's Delight and an empty large beaker, you can very quickly make a 50/50 mixture of Tricord and DD to pill out or whatever.

Common Chemical Requests

There are a few base chemicals and mixtures which are constantly requested:

  • Sulfuric Acid: The Science department always wants sulfuric acid. Always.

Remind them they can get it from their RnD station, but fill up their beaker; if they bring a large beaker, try to trade it for two smaller ones. Bigger is in some ways better. You could be a dick and force the trade, but they can always give you delicious blue space beakers(holds 200 units).

  • Iron: Another good base chem; it increases blood count. Filling a large beaker with 100u of iron and making four 25u pills is never a bad idea; adding in nutriment is a good supplement as well.

  • Unstable Mutagen: There are more complex common requests as well. Botany will often ask for Unstable Mutagen. In the wrong hands, this stuff is dangerous, so make sure they're the ones to get it. Take a large beaker, fill it with 30 radium, phosphorous, and chlorine. In the ChemMaster 3000, make three bottles. Top them and hand them to the botanist. Alternatively, you can turn them into large pills and give him a small beaker to put them in.

  • Clonexadone: Can be given to the chef to make synth meat. To make synth meat, there must be room in the beaker. Use a syringe to take your blood(or anyone's blood), and inject that into the beaker with the clonex. It will make a unit of synth meat and use up some clonex. Clonexadone in this way can also produce biomass for genetics. 40u in a 50u beaker would be a nice gift, along with a syringe.

  • Imidazoline Cures eye damage. People often come by after welding without a mask or goggles on, and this helps them over time. Antitoxin, Hydrogen, and Carbon make this. 10u Nitrogen, 10u Silicon, 10u Potassium, 30u Carbon, 30u Hydrogen makes 60u. Make 12 5u pills from this, and it should last you a shift.

  • Alkysine: Cures brain damage over time. Alkysine is AntiTox, Chlorine, and Nitrogen combined. 40u Nitrogen, 10u Silicon, 10u Potassium, 30u Chlorine makes 60u Alkysine, and if you make 12 5u pills, it should last a shift. NOTE: Alkysine SHOULD be in your cryo mix, which is why you shouldn't need a lot of alkysine.

  • Ryetalyn: Seems complicated, but just take 5u of Antitoxin, add 5u Radium; you know have 10 Hyronalin. Add 5u Hydrogen, you now have 10u Arithrizine. Add 10u Carbon, and you now have 20u of Ryetalyn. In the ChemMaster, make 20 pills out of the 20u, and you will have 20 1u pills(IT ONLY TAKES 1u!)

  • Antitoxin: is the last common request; Large beaker, 30u Nitrogen, Potassium, Silicon, ChemMaster, make 3 pills, you now have 3 30u pills. Rinse and repeat; 9 to 18 of these wouldn't hurt.

Quick Mixing

It's helpful for, with some of these, to use the kits in Medical Storage

  • Bicaridine: 50u carbon, inaprovaline pills are in the top left of chem; add two, (100u Bicard)

  • Dermaline: 30u oxygen and phosphorous, 30u kelotane pill(Storage, Burn Kit) Optionally, 30u oxy and phosph, 15u carbon and silicon.

(90u Dermaline) Note: 50 kelotane/25 oxy 25 phosph only makes 75 dermaline, 25 kelotane)

  • Kelotane: 50u carbon and silicon (100u kelotane)

  • Dexalin Plus: 30u iron and carbon, 30u dexalin pill (Storage, various 02 lockers, Oxygen Deprivation kit) (90u dexalin plus)

  • Tricordrazine: Top left of chem is several bottles of antitox and inaprovaline.

Vending machine has these as well. 50u antitox and inaprovaline makes (100u Tricordrazine)

  • Doctor's Delight: 20u Tricordrazine, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Milk Cream, Tomato Juice

  • Cryoxodone: 30u oxygen and water, 30u dexalin pill (Storage, Oxygen Deprivation kit) (90u Cryoxodone)

  • Leoporazine: 5u Plasma, 45u copper and silicon (90u Leoporazine, pill out into 2 to 3 pills)

  • Antitox: 30u nitrogen, potassium, silicon (90u Antitox)

  • Alkysine: 25u chlorine and nitrogen, 1 30u antitox pill, 50u alkysine.

  • Ryetalyn: 5u Antitox, 5u Radium, 5u Hydrogen, 10u Carbon, pill out to 20 pills (20u Ryetalyn, REMEMBER: 1u each)

Medicinal Substances

This section will go over beneficial substances.


Bicaridine is fairly complicated. It cures 1 brute per tick.

Above 29 units is an overdose, with 1 toxin damage per tick. This is easily countered by antitox and activated charcoal. If bicaridine in overdose levels is used to cure damage which caused internal bleeding, it will stop the bleeding once the damage is gone. When a foreign body is present, constant brute damage occurs(the more bodies present, the more damage which occurs through stacking). Cryo will not cure this damage, BUT bicaridine can cure this damage, and once the damage is to zero, the damage no longer accrues. With three foreign bodies, this is very difficult and takes forever. Four bodies makes brute damage occur faster than it can be cured. Therefore, bicaridine is fine to deal with internal bleeding or one to two foreign bodies, but be wary of medbay's wild ride. Either way, this particular treatment is dangerous and only has niche uses, outside of curing regular brute damage.

Stacks with milk, tricord, and doctor's delight.

  • MILK

Milk cures .5 brute per tick. It also heals broken bone damage at the same rate. Therefore, a broken arm with 15 damage will heal in about 30 ticks(anywhere from 2-5 minutes), assuming you give them enough milk to last long enough to cure it. It's good to put this into cryo, as it can heal a bone or two while they're sitting, making surgery unnecessary.

Stacks with bicaridine, tricordrazine, and doctor's delight.


Kelotane cures 1 point burn damage per tick. Dermaline cures 1.5 per tick. There is no overdose for these. These medicines stack together for healing, as well as with tricordrazine and doctor's delight.


Sets the body temperature at its natural setting. This means space doesn't suck your heat out, and you can stand in a plasma fire without being burned. However: Note that in space, there is still pressure, and in a fire you still gain the natural burn damage, so using this in large doses and supplementing with cures for brute, burns, and so on are helpful, as well as pain medicine. Keep in mind that this also means that as long as it's in a person's system, cryo won't work on them.


Cures as much as CPR, there is no OD limit. Can somewhat counter a busted lung and help if you know you'll be in an oxygenless environment. You can find them in med storage and a couple of 02 lockers. When outside of medbay, using inaprovaline, dexalin, and the DD autoinjector can go a long way towards making someone survive the trip to medbay, or even recover.


Cures ALL oxygen deprivation damage INSTANTLY. 1u is all you need. However, there is no OD limit, so if you have, say, 50u in your system, the game will check that on occasion, and undo all oxygen damage that has been done, negating that breathing thing organisms do.


Anti tox cures one point per tick. As long as the toxin(toxin, chloral, welding fuel, whatever) exceeds the antitox, toxin damage continues to accrue. Until they at least match, actual curing won't occur.

IMPORTANT: When giving someone this and Inaprovaline or Radium, it becomes Tricord or Hyronalin in their system, removing the effects of what you injected them with and replacing them with the resulting chems. For example, using Radium to cure a virus, you can't counter the Radium's Toxin damage with Antitoxin, because then there is no radium to remove the virus.

In this sense, throwing as many 50u AntiTox pills is your best bet, to be safe, until toxin damage stops or begins curing. Radiation and Overdosing is slightly different, thought antitoxin still fights both. You can't use Inaprovaline to keep someone from dying in critical from Toxins, so Dexalin or Dexalin Plus is more useful for keeping them alive while treating the toxins.


Cures radiation toxin damage, 29 plus causes OD toxin damage. Doesn't cure toxin damage unless radiation based, and removes some radiation.

Stacks with arithrizine and antitox in terms of curing radiation.


When in critical damage, freezes damage. Does not freeze toxin damage, outside of the extra caused by being in crit. Freezes damage caused by foreign bodies causing constant brute damage. So, typically, all inaprovaline really does most of the time is freeze the suffocation damage from being in crit.

IMPORTANT: If you inject someone with inaprovaline and antitox, they mix in their system, resulting in tricordrazine. This removes the effects of both chems, and replaces it with Tricord.


Cures all radiation instantly(Not the toxin damage) and toxin damage over time, 29 plus causes OD toxin damage. Doesn't cure toxin damage other than radiation. Having it in your system causes .2 brute damage per tick, but you naturally heal more than that. Mostly a minor set back, though it can ruin organs over time, so it's best to be used in small doses.

Stacks with Antitoxin and Hyronalin for curing Radiation based toxin damage.


Cures brain damage. About 1% per tick. In excess of 29 units, it's OD, with toxin damage, which would cure waaaay more brain damage than you could ever have. Also cures some pain.


Cures a small percentage of all damage types per tick.

Great when combined with bicaridine, antitoxin, dermaline, kelotane, doctor's delight, anything. Stacks with them all.


Cures a much larger percentage of all damage types per tick.

Combines with everything, just like tricord.


1u cures all genetic defects, better than a clean SE in the sense that you can make hundreds of these. Also takes away superpowers.


1u is enough to cure mindbreaker toxin. DO NOT EXCEED THIS DOSAGE. It causes loads of toxin damage, and can easily kill someone.


Not a medicine, it's actually an ingredient. However, it can cure a disease. Use with equal parts of hyronalin and a little arithrizine to counter the toxic damage it causes.

NOTE: Intravenous mixing occurs; if you inject someone with ten radium and then ten antitox, you now have no anti tox or radium, and have 20 hyronalin.


If you can get enough of this, this can be given as a medicine the same as an IV. Bit rare for that though.

  • IRON

Another good ingredient. As long as this is in their system, they recover blood faster.

Stacks with nutriment


Nutriment is just ground up food. This also speeds up blood recovery, and stacks with iron. If you order pizza from cargo, this is a good source of nutriment; the meat pizza in particular grinds up for 50u nutriment, which in a large beaker you can fill the rest up with iron for a perfect blood loss mix.

Stacks with iron.


Cures some minor diseases, like colds, and can slow other diseases down. No need to make it really, as they can be vended. It's easy to make though, and sometimes a bunch of pills doesn't hurt, especially in a big outbreak.


Both cures pain. Tramadol does about 80, Oxycodone does about 200. Better for use in combat than after the fact, because once the damage causing it is gone the pain tends to be gone as well.


Hurts Vampires, DeCults Cultists, and can revive a person much like a Defibrilator. A 100u starts in the Chaplain's office, however, he can just as easily bless a beaker full of regular water... He will be extremely happy to do that.


Pills are a great way to give large amount of medicine at once. If you are going to make medicine that will be single serve, make it pill form. Each pill can hold 50 units of material at one time, and up to fourteen can be stored in a pill bottle! As a cautionary note, remember that some chemicals will cause toxic damage from overdose over 30 units, so be careful how much you add to a pill. It's also important to note that by combining chemicals into pills, you can save time and effort. When you make pills, you want the dosage typically to be better than just using a syringe, so keep that in mind; a bunch of 5u Tricordrazine is nice, but it's only 5u. 10u per pill usually works fine, with some exceptions (notably Ryetalyn, which works at 1u). Since there is no real consensus, your best bet is to ask around or play until you get a feel for the typical dosages.

For example, in a large beaker, 90u of Alkysine and 10u of Ryetalyn. If you make 10 pills, they will have 1u Ryetalyn(just enough) and 9u Alkysine(Just enough most of the time). This expedites the healing process exponentially.

Good Examples for pills:

  • Inaprovaline & Dexalin Plus: Removes all suffocation damage and keeps them that way.
  • Alkysine & Ryetalin: For post cloning, heals brain damage and removes defects.
  • Kelotane & Dermaline: Heals burn damage faster than just Dermaline or just Kelotane, since both will act at the same time and stack with eachother.
  • Hyperzine: Stimulant, prevents slowdown such as from magboots or pain. It has an OD limit of 15 units.
  • Spaceacillin: Holds a virus back for a very long time.


While you are not directly responsible for Cryo, you have a great deal of impact on its effectiveness. Cryo as its typically referred to starts out with two beakers with 30u of Cryoxadone. The freezer is off at the start of a shift. As a chemist, it is primarily your responsibility to set up a mix to put into Cryo.

As a base for a Cryo mix, you need Cryoxadone. It heals the four deadly damage types: Brute, Burn, Toxin, and Oxygen, while also healing genetic damage (typically from being a fresh clone, also from things like a Vampire sucking you dry). The next chemical is Clonexadone, which is essentially Cryoxadone but much better. Since both stack with eachother, you want to use both at the same time. These are your two basics, Cryox and Clonex. The freezer below Cryo needs to be turned on and set on its lowest temperature for it to work properly with these two chemicals.

Clones get placed into Cryo, and for this reason, it's a good idea to have Alkysine and Ryetalin in the mix. This will cure their brain damage as well as removing any defects they may have, which is important, since fresh clones will always have some brain damage and at least one genetic defect.

Afterwards, you may chuck in whatever you feel will improve the mixture. For example, Anti Toxin, Bicaridine, Dermaline, Kelotane, Milk, Tricordrazine, Doctor's Delight, and pretty much anything else you can put into Cryo works.


As a chemist, you are pretty much the only person with access to grenade materials. You can fit any two beakers in a grenade casing, meaning potentially 100-600 units of whatever concoction you want. It is possible to use medicine, water, or more devious items in a grenade. The mixing only happens once the grenade goes off, so you do not need to pre-mix the end result unless you want to blow your hands off. Keep in mind, making and using grenades that harm others will get you brigged in the least, and possibly job banned if you weren't traitor. Check the Guide to Chemistry if you're unsure how it will react.

Building Grenades 101

GRENADES: Basic grenade construction -

  1. Use screwdriver on igniter.
  2. Use igniter on timer.
  3. Use screwdriver on assembly.
  4. Use assembly on grenade casing.
  5. Add any 2 filled beakers directly to grenade casing. They will be consumed when it goes off, so make sure you have extras.
  6. Use screwdriver to lock the unsecured grenade. Ta-da, you have an explosive.

When the grenade is in your hand and you click on an area in the world, you will 'ACTIVATE' and throw the grenade to that point. This means you can't hand secured grenades over the chemist tables - the game will think you want to throw it. Walk around to the front and drop or "give" it to them if you need to give someone a grenade. If you're more ambitious, the EX Grenade Casings RnD can make can hold 3 beakers instead of two, allowing for a larger combination of chemicals for you to use.


Bottles should contain material that is not medicine, such as acids, or medicines that should not be used all at once, like Clonexadone. Each bottle can hold only 30 units, and can be splashed onto things.

Good Example for Beakers:

  • Thermite
  • Clonexadone
  • Cryoxadone
  • Regular medicines
  • Unstable Mutagen


Chemistry is one of the most in-depth systems in all of SS13, where the amount of possibilities in compound creation can be near limitless. A real chemist is never truly bored during the shift. Whether they are creating new compounds, testing out new grenade mixtures, or trying to find ways to recreate effects that would not be possible without adminbus or dickery.

For the Advanced Chemist:

  • Trying to recreate the ERT Medical Syringes (QuikHeal, Combat, and Cyanide)
  • Figuring out the most deadly/helpful gas grenade combination.
  • Exploring the depths of just how efficient you can make the cryo-pods.
  • Discovering the 'Miracle in a Pill'.
  • Give out more efficient medicine and pills to doctors.
  • Supply the Paramedic with a bottle of pills that they could use while on the go.
  • Make chemical implants for security officers that instantly heal them in case when shit hits the fan.
  • Keeping Medbay Supply stocked with everything it would ever need in case shit goes south. This includes Cryopod boards from RD, metal for machine frames from Engineering, and reinforcing the walls/floors in case of a Toxins fuckup.


Generally speaking, each round should go as follows:

  • Make Cryo mix.
  • Stock the fridge. Bare minimum is at least one type of pill for each of the four damage types, plus 50u Iron pills. One dozen of each type is good, double that for highpop.
  • Make the non-essentials. Prioritize Inaprov, Tricord, and Spaceacillin, plus anything that gets requested.
  • Experiment until wild ride begins.
  • Restock that fridge boy.

If there's more than one chemist, split the Cryo and Pills duty at round start.


Chemistry is one of the most dangerous jobs on the Med/Sci staff, and it's easy to be a good Traitor. A LOT of the chemicals you have access to will kill when injected. Access to grenades is a plus, not the mention for infinite sedative refills. Remember to keep it sane and stealthy. A bunch of naplam grenades thrown around will not win you any points.

The chemical pack can be useful for covering the hallways with space lube, polyacid, or both, especially with the aid of a chemsprayer. When its safeties are off and used in conjunction with a chemical mask the combination can make for a good suit of regenerative armor in the form of a constant IV feed of every medicine you can think of, and also turn you into a Hulk by loading it full of creatine in its auxiliary beaker so you too can live out your fantasies of becoming Bane.

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