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What, in your opinion, is wrong, if anything, with the combat system, and what, if anything, could be done by coders, admins, or players to improve it?


Stuns are shit.
Stun almost always means an instant loss.
Stuns currently decide how a battle turns out, first to get stunned will 87% of the time, lose. I imagine there must be a way to make this something other than "lmao stun u dead".
Disarm rng only thing wrong.<BR><BR>Things you can do to dodge stun bolt etc using lockers Riot shields even the wooden shields block it armor you can put on lower stun time and chems or zig zag like your high on shit to the dodge the bolts.<BR><BR><BR>Some random faggot get lucky with rng disarm or they get luck tool box hit on your head etc nothing you can do stop that.
fucking nothing is wrong
The recent combat system depends too much on stuns.<BR>Other than that, I think all my complains are that Im too unrobuts.
maybe a projectile stun refactor. <BR>First stun slows, second stun drops?
Stuns are very much in favor of the instant-stun weapons; instead, insta-stuns should disable you just enough to combo up, and stuns such as the taser should weaken you enough to be unable to use guns-speak-run, etc. Make an issue about this, please.
Disarm spam<BR><BR>Give it a longer cooldown or something
creatine and combat nanobots could be given unique effects rather than just being another hulk. PLEASE GOD NO DISABLER BEAMS.
too long<BR>read here<BR>pastebin 1q9LeZ6V
muh stamina
is gut
overreliance on stuns causes some 100% gay shit like every wizard picking jaunt just to get out of stuns, every vamp having batform as their left crutch and shadowstep as their right one, the retarded borg meta of "you blow me or I ruin your day just by resisting most common stuns" etc
nothing is wrong with combat, it has worked fine for years, get good
Need a gym room to give temp physicals boosts like lifting weigts takes 2 min but gives a little more power when robusting the fuck out of someone or a treadmill lets you move a little faster. These things should stack so when I wanna kick the clowns ass its like Chad ripping the nerds arms off and shoving them all into a locker.
attacking is instant, no delays, to tells somebody is hitting you.
floor tiles are too strong, stuns win battles 9 out of 10 times