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What should the Warden's role be as far as Space Law goes?


Answer Respondants %
He should be able to command security officers and detectives around at all times like a sub-Head of sorts, the Head of Security can override orders but is only expected to be a direct link to Command, just like QM to HoP. 11 13.41%  
2 - He should only be expected to order security officers around when it comes to the Brig, performing arrests or in the absence of the Head of Security, and maybe be an eye in the sky or a motivator. 51 62.20%  
3 - He shouldn't be able to order anyone around outside of Brig matters, where he can override security officers. 17 20.73%  
4 - He should do brig work and is otherwise on the same rank as a security officer, period. 2 2.44%  
I disagree with all choices provided. 1 1.22%