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Welcome to /vg/station.

/vg/station is a special blend of Space Station 13, served hot and fresh by the administrative and coding teams. Here, on this doomed spacestation, you can expect to find many new challenges... and opportunities. Whether you're new or a veteran, we invite you to jump in.

Space Station 13 runs on the BYOND platform; You will need it in order to play.

Here's what you can do to get rid of ads in byond.
The Aristocrat way - Easiest way but harder on your wallet if you're poor and it helps keep byond alive and development going.
The Hard way - If you aren't afraid of fucking something up or can follow simple instructions use this, however this stops working when you update.
The Pomf way - If you don't use Internet Explorer, which you shouldn't be anyways, then this will work in almost all situations.
The easy peasy lemon squeezy way - Just drop this in your byond folder, also updating overwrites this so it will need to be re-applied.